Physical Progress StatisticsFinancial Progress Statistics

MarchWeek 48
[27-Feb-22 to 05-Mar-22]
Week 49
[06-Mar-22 to 12-Mar-22]
Week 50
[13-Mar-22 to 19-Mar-22]
Week 51
[20-Mar-22 to 26-Mar-22]
Week 52
[27-Mar-22 to 02-Apr-22]
FebruaryWeek 44
[30-Jan-22 to 05-Feb-22]
Week 45
[06-Feb-22 to 12-Feb-22]
Week 46
[13-Feb-22 to 19-Feb-22]
Week 47
[20-Feb-22 to 26-Feb-22]
JanuaryWeek 40
[02-Jan-22 to 08-Jan-22]
Week 41
[09-Jan-22 to 15-Jan-22]
Week 42
[16-Jan-22 to 22-Jan-22]
Week 43
[23-Jan-22 to 29-Jan-22]
DecemberWeek 35
[28-Nov-21 to 04-Dec-21]
Week 36
[05-Dec-21 to 11-Dec-21]
Week 37
[12-Dec-21 to 18-Dec-21]
Week 38
[19-Dec-21 to 25-Dec-21]
Week 39
[26-Dec-21 to 01-Jan-22]
NovemberWeek 31
[31-Oct-21 to 06-Nov-21]
Week 32
[07-Nov-21 to 13-Nov-21]
Week 33
[14-Nov-21 to 20-Nov-21]
Week 34
[21-Nov-21 to 27-Nov-21]
OctoberWeek 27
[03-Oct-21 to 09-Oct-21]
Week 28
[10-Oct-21 to 16-Oct-21]
Week 29
[17-Oct-21 to 23-Oct-21]
Week 30
[24-Oct-21 to 30-Oct-21]
SeptemberWeek 22
[29-Aug-21 to 04-Sep-21]
Week 23
[05-Sep-21 to 11-Sep-21]
Week 24
[12-Sep-21 to 18-Sep-21]
Week 25
[19-Sep-21 to 25-Sep-21]
Week 26
[26-Sep-21 to 02-Oct-21]
AugustWeek 18
[01-Aug-21 to 07-Aug-21]
Week 19
[08-Aug-21 to 14-Aug-21]
Week 20
[15-Aug-21 to 21-Aug-21]
Week 21
[22-Aug-21 to 28-Aug-21]
JulyWeek 14
[04-Jul-21 to 10-Jul-21]
Week 15
[11-Jul-21 to 17-Jul-21]
Week 16
[18-Jul-21 to 24-Jul-21]
Week 17
[25-Jul-21 to 31-Jul-21]
JuneWeek 9
[30-May-21 to 05-Jun-21]
Week 10
[06-Jun-21 to 12-Jun-21]
Week 11
[13-Jun-21 to 19-Jun-21]
Week 12
[20-Jun-21 to 26-Jun-21]
Week 13
[27-Jun-21 to 03-Jul-21]
MayWeek 5
[02-May-21 to 08-May-21]
Week 6
[09-May-21 to 15-May-21]
Week 7
[16-May-21 to 22-May-21]
Week 8
[23-May-21 to 29-May-21]
AprilWeek 1
[01-Apr-21 to 10-Apr-21]
Week 2
[11-Apr-21 to 17-Apr-21]
Week 3
[18-Apr-21 to 24-Apr-21]
Week 4
[25-Apr-21 to 01-May-21]

Kerala’s nodal agency for Drinking Water supply and Sewerage Services

Vellayambalam, Trivandrum
(10am - 05 pm)