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Kochi Smart City Mobile Service Unit

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0484 - 2361369

Office / DesignationOffice / DesignationPhoneMobile eMail
HEAD OFFICE0471-2738300
O/o Managing Director
Managing Director• Managing Director0471-23227979447798383
Technical Member• Technical Member0471-23286079447798181
Chief Engineer (HRD & Gl)• Chief Engineer (HRD & Gl)0471-23219479447795252
Chief Engineer (Projects & Operations)• Chief Engineer (Projects & Operations)9495000885ceprojectskwa@gmail.com
FM & CAO• FM & CAO0471-23280829447769393
Senior Administrative Officer• Senior Administrative Officer0471-23226788547638077
Accounts Officer (Admin)• Accounts Officer (Admin)8547638092
MD's Unitmdunitkwa@gmail.com
Technical Assistant to MD• Technical Assistant to MD0471-23227978547638200
PA to MD• PA to MD8547638521
AE, MD's Unit, Jalabhavan• AE, MD's Unit, Jalabhavan8289940526
Technical Member's Unit• Technical Member's Unit
Deputy Chief Engineer,TMU /MONITORING/SDC• Deputy Chief Engineer,TMU /MONITORING/SDC8547638582
AEE• AEE8547638240
AE• AE8547638473
AE to TM• AE to TM0471-23286078547638127
PA to TM• PA to TM8289940621
AO TM's cell• AO TM's cell8289940601
Executive Engineer• Executive Engineer0471-2339716
AEE-I• AEE-I8547638089
AEE-II• AEE-II8547638115
AE-I (to AEE-I)• AE-I (to AEE-I)8547638088
AE-II (to AEE-I)• AE-II (to AEE-I)8547638087
AE-III (to AEE-II)• AE-III (to AEE-II)8547638013
Sector Development Cell• Sector Development Cell
AEE - I SDC• AEE - I SDC8547638231
AEE - II SDC• AEE - II SDC8281597984
AE - I SDC• AE - I SDC8547605755
AE - II SDC• AE - II SDC8289940536
On-Line Monitoring Cell - 1• On-Line Monitoring Cell - 18289940600
On-Line Monitoring Cell - 2• On-Line Monitoring Cell - 28547638110
Deputy Chief Engineer (GL)• Deputy Chief Engineer (GL)0471-23339848547638030
Executive Engineer(Trg)• Executive Engineer(Trg)8547638078
AEE - I (Trg)• AEE - I (Trg)8547638128
AEE - II (Trg)• AEE - II (Trg)8547638129
AE-I, Training Centre, Jalabhavan• AE-I, Training Centre, Jalabhavan8289940542
AE-II, Training Centre, Jalabhavan• AE-II, Training Centre, Jalabhavan8289940543
Junior Superintendent- Estt• Junior Superintendent- Estt9400002033
Secretary's Unit
Secretary• Secretary0471-23227259447768484secretarykwa@gmail.com
AEE (SU)• AEE (SU)8547638248
AE - I (SU)• AE - I (SU)8547638103
AE - II (SU)• AE - II (SU)8547638102
Chief Vehicle Inspector, SU• Chief Vehicle Inspector, SU8289940560
Complaint Cell• Complaint Cell8289940616
Stock Purchase• Stock Purchase
Executive Engineer (SP)• Executive Engineer (SP)0471-23280788547638078
AE I(SP)• AE I(SP)8281597971
AE II(SP)• AE II(SP)8281597972
AE III(SP)• AE III(SP)8281597973
Nodal Officer E-Tendering• Nodal Officer E-Tendering9400067878
Nodal Officer PRICE KWA• Nodal Officer PRICE KWA85476383069400067878
IT Unit• IT Unit
Executive Engineer (IT)• Executive Engineer (IT)0471-23244458547638082itunitkwa@gmail.com
AEE 1 - IT• AEE 1 - IT8547638233
AEE 2 - IT• AEE 2 - IT8547638234
AE IT• AE IT8289940520
DBA Unit (eAbacus)• eAbacus Support9188127954
Online Payment• Online Payment19161916
DataBase Administrator• DataBase Administrator8547638080
DBA Unit• DBA Unit8547638282
IT Wing (Internal)• IT Wing (Internal)8547605705
IT Wing (Internal)• IT Wing (Internal)8547605706
Computer Operator IT Wing• Computer Operator IT Wing8547605721
Consumer ComplaintsConsumer Complaints19161916
Deputy Chief Engineer (Planning)• Deputy Chief Engineer (Planning)0471-23221668547638016dceplanningkwa@gmail.com
Executive Engineer• Executive Engineer0471-23244458547638082
AEE-I• AEE-I8547638090
AEE-II• AEE-II8547638091
AEE-III• AEE-III8547638295
AE-I (to AEE-I)• AE-I (to AEE-I)8547638010
AE-II (to AEE-III)• AE-II (to AEE-III)8547638011
AE-III (to AEE-II)• AE-III (to AEE-II)8547638012
AE-IV (to AEE-II)• AE-IV (to AEE-II)8547605714
Deputy Chief engineer (Works)• Deputy Chief engineer (Works)0471-23272088547638494
Executive Engineer-I(WS)• Executive Engineer-I(WS)0471-23253068547638068
Executive Engineer-II(WN)• Executive Engineer-II(WN)0471-23290508547638084
AEE-I (LA)(WS)• AEE-I (LA)(WS)8547638338
AEE-II(WS)• AEE-II(WS)8547638354
AEE-III(WN)• AEE-III(WN)8289940537
AEE-IV(WN)• AEE-IV(WN)8547638126
AEEIII(WS)• AEEIII(WS)8547638345
AE-I(LA)(WS)• AE-I(LA)(WS)8547638341
AE-II(WS)• AE-II(WS)8289940527
AE-III(WS)• AE-III(WS)8289940528
AE-IV(WS)• AE-IV(WS)8289940530
AE-VI(WN)• AE-VI(WN)8289940532
AE-VII(WN)• AE-VII(WN)8289940533
AE-VIII(WN)• AE-VIII(WN)8289940535
AE-IX(WN)• AE-IX(WN)8289940534
AE-X(El.)• AE-X(El.)8289940529
Operator, Electrical Wing, Head Office• Operator, Electrical Wing, Head Office8547605757
Deputy Chief Engineer (Operations)• Deputy Chief Engineer (Operations)0471-27353578547638015
AEE - I• AEE - I8547638306
AEE - II• AEE - II8547638474
AEE - III• AEE - III8547638199
AEE - IV• AEE - IV8547638198
AE I• AE I8547638500
AE II• AE II9496000684
AE III• AE III8281597961
Deputy Chief Engineer (Vigilance)• Deputy Chief Engineer (Vigilance)0471-27367838547638022
AEE, Vigilance, JB, TVM8281597978
Executive Engineer (Vigilance)• Executive Engineer (Vigilance)0471-23240618547638044
AEE - l (Vig)• AEE - l (Vig)8547638327
AEE - II (Vig)• AEE - II (Vig)8547638328
SS(Vigilance)• SS(Vigilance)8547605713
Internal Audit
Legal Unit
Chief Law Officer• Chief Law Officer0471-23243938547638017
Legal Officer, JB, TVM• Legal Officer, JB, TVM8547638580
Deputy Accounts Manager -I• Deputy Accounts Manager -I8547638047
Deputy Accounts Manager-II• Deputy Accounts Manager-II8547638048
Deputy Accounts Manager-III• Deputy Accounts Manager-III8281597987
Accounts Officer (Funds)• Accounts Officer (Funds)8547638014
Accounts Officer (Estt), Finance• Accounts Officer (Estt), Finance8547638130
AO, Accounts, Finance Wing, JB• AO, Accounts, Finance Wing, JB8289940523
Senior Superintendent (Funds)• Senior Superintendent (Funds)8547638001
JS/HC, Centralised pension Wing,HO• JS/HC, Centralised pension Wing,HO8289940615
LDC/UDC(payment), Centralised pension Wing,HO• LDC/UDC(payment), Centralised pension Wing,HO8289940598
LDC/UDC(Enquiry), Centralised pension Wing,HO• LDC/UDC(Enquiry), Centralised pension Wing,HO8289940599
AM(Dy)• AM(Dy)8547605712
Revenue Monitoring Cell(RMC)
Accounts Officer (RMC) HO• Accounts Officer (RMC) HO8547638111
AO (RMC), Kochi• AO (RMC), Kochi8547638108
Divisional Accountant (RMC)• Divisional Accountant (RMC)8547638049
Senior Superintendent (RMC)• Senior Superintendent (RMC)8547638383
Junior Superintendent (RMC)• Junior Superintendent (RMC)8547638050
UD Clerk (RMC)• UD Clerk (RMC)8547638112
LD Clerk I(RMC)• LD Clerk I(RMC)8547638109
UD Clerk (RMC)• UD Clerk (RMC)8547638110
Internal Audit
Internal Auditor, Jalabhavan• Internal Auditor, Jalabhavan8289940544
DA, Internal Audit, Jalabhavan, Tvpm• DA, Internal Audit, Jalabhavan, Tvpm8281597960
AO, Internal Audit, Jalabhavan, Tvpm• AO, Internal Audit, Jalabhavan, Tvpm8281597959
TM's cell(Funds)
AO, TM's Cell,Head Office• AO, TM's Cell,Head Office8289940601
On-Line Activities Monitoring Cell - 1• On-Line Activities Monitoring Cell - 18289940600
On-Line Activities Monitoring Cell - 2• On-Line Activities Monitoring Cell - 28547638110
Toll Free Number• Toll Free Number1916
KWA whatsapp- Janamithra• KWA whatsapp- Janamithra9495998258
Guest House Vellayambalam• Guest House Vellayambalam8547697567
PPD & WASCON, HEAD OFFICEwasconkwa@gmail.com
Chief Engineer• Chief Engineer0471-27350889446361100
Principal consultant• Principal consultant0471-23219708547638021
Accounts Officer• Accounts Officer0471-27352858547638503
AEE - I• AEE - I8547638334
AEE - II• AEE - II8547638329
AEE - III• AEE - III8547638331
AEE - IV• AEE - IV8547638330
Junior Superintendent• Junior Superintendent8547697153
PPD Regional Office TVPM
Superintending Engineer• Superintending Engineer8547638425
Executive Engineer• Executive Engineer8547638045
AEE - I• AEE - I8281597995
AEE - II• AEE - II8547638333
AE, PPD Camp Office, TVPM• AE, PPD Camp Office, TVPM8281597992
AE, PPD Camp Office, Kollam• AE, PPD Camp Office, Kollam8289940546
AE, PPD Camp Office, Pathanamthitta• AE, PPD Camp Office, Pathanamthitta8281597975
AE, PPD Camp Office, Kottayam• AE, PPD Camp Office, Kottayam8281597993
PPD Regional Office Kochi
Superintending Engineer• Superintending Engineer8547638501
Executive Engineer• Executive Engineer8547638511
AEE - I• AEE - I8547638286
AEE - II• AEE - II8547605723
AE, PPD Camp Office, Thrissur• AE, PPD Camp Office, Thrissur9400002034
AE, PPD Camp Office, Kochi• AE, PPD Camp Office, Kochi8281597981
AE, PPD Camp Office, Alappuzha• AE, PPD Camp Office, Alappuzha8281597962
AE, PPD Camp Office, Idukki• AE, PPD Camp Office, Idukki8547605724
PPD Regional Office Kozhikkod
Superintending Engineer• Superintending Engineer8547638026
Executive Engineer• Executive Engineer8547638046
AEE - I• AEE - I8281597982
AEE - II• AEE - II8547638392
AEE - III• AEE - III8547638332
AE, PPD Camp Office, Kannur• AE, PPD Camp Office, Kannur8281597983
AE, PPD Camp Office, Kasargod• AE, PPD Camp Office, Kasargod
AE, PPD Camp Office, Kozhikkode• AE, PPD Camp Office, Kozhikkode
AE, PPD Camp Office, Malappuram• AE, PPD Camp Office, Malappuram
AE, PPD Camp Office, Palakkad• AE, PPD Camp Office, Palakkad8547104266
AE, PPD Camp Office, Wayanad• AE, PPD Camp Office, Wayanad
PMU ADB Projects
Deputy Project Director (CE)• Deputy Project Director (CE)0471-23213759495000885
Deputy Chief Engineer• Deputy Chief Engineer0471-23261988547638579
AEE1 • AEE1 8547638229
AEE 2• AEE 28289940608
AEE 3• AEE 38547638228
AEE 4• AEE 48547638232
AE - I• AE - I8289940596
AE -II• AE -II8289940597
AE - III• AE - III8289940604
AE - IV• AE - IV8289940605
AE - V• AE - V8289940607
Deputy Project Manager 3, Kozhikode• Deputy Project Manager 3, Kozhikode8547638298
Deputy Project Manager 4, Kozhikode• Deputy Project Manager 4, Kozhikode8547638299
Chief Engineer South Region• Chief Engineer South Region0471-23223139447798484cesouthkwa@gmail.com
Deputy Chief Engineer (SR), Thiruvananthapuram• Deputy Chief Engineer (SR), Thiruvananthapuram0471-23280658547638020
Executive Engineer (SR)• Executive Engineer (SR)0471-23289178547638051
AEE - I (SR)• AEE - I (SR)8547638335
AEE - II (SR)• AEE - II (SR)8547638336
AEE - III (SR)• AEE - III (SR)8547638340
AEE - IV (SR)• AEE - IV (SR)8547638294
AEE - V (SR)• AEE - V (SR)8547638230
Accounts Officer (SR)• Accounts Officer (SR)8547638341
Administrative Officer (SR)• Administrative Officer (SR)8547638337
P H Circle, Thiruvananthapuram
Superintending Engineer,PH Circle, Thiruvananthapuram• Superintending Engineer,PH Circle, Thiruvananthapuram0471-23223039447797878phcircletvpm@gmail.com
PA to Superintending Engineer , Tvpm• PA to Superintending Engineer , Tvpm8547638456
AEE, Stock Verification Sub Dn.,• AEE, Stock Verification Sub Dn.,8547638578
Accounts Officer• Accounts Officer8547638457
Project Division, Thiruvananthapuram
Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Tvpm• Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Tvpm0471-23306778547638031projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
Technical Assistant• Technical Assistant8547638422projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
AEE - I• AEE - I0471-23308668547638173projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
AE I• AE I9496587222projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
AE II• AE II9496588222projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
AEE - II• AEE - II8547638174projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
AE III• AE III9496589222projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
AE IV• AE IV9496590222projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
AE V• AE V9496591222projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
AEE- III• AEE- III8547638419projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
AE-VI• AE-VI8547638416projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
AE-VII• AE-VII8547605715projectdivisiontvpm@gmail.com
PH Division North, ThiruvananthapuramPH Division North, Thiruvananthapuram
Executive Engineer (PH Dn. North - TVPM)• Executive Engineer (PH Dn. North - TVPM)0471 23227989447797676eephdivisionkwa.tvpm@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant (PH Dn. North)• Techncial Assistant (PH Dn. North)8547638175eephdivisionkwa.tvpm@gmail.com
KWA HELPLINE (TVPM)• KWA HELPLINE (TVPM)0471-23226748547638181
AEE - Central Sub Division• AEE - Central Sub Division0471-23291318547638177kwa.aeecentral@gmail.com
AE, Mace- Palayam• AE, Mace- Palayam0471-23289928547638179kwa.aepalayam@gmail.com
AE-Revenue, Palayam• AE-Revenue, Palayam8289940550aepalayamrevenue@gmail.com
AE, Mace - Pattoor• AE, Mace - Pattoor0471-23058638547638180aepattoorkwa@gmail.com
AE, Revenue - Pattoor• AE, Revenue - Pattoor8547638178ptprevenue@gmail.com
AEE, North Sub Division, Kowdiar• AEE, North Sub Division, Kowdiar0471-24339548547638186wwsubdn.kdr@gmail.com
AE Mace -Kowdiar• AE Mace -Kowdiar0471-24339548547638188aekowdiar@gmail.com
AE, Revenue -Kowdiar• AE, Revenue -Kowdiar8547605751
AE Mace-, Peroorkada• AE Mace-, Peroorkada9400002030aewwspkda@gmail.com
AE Revenue Sn, Peroorkada• AE Revenue Sn, Peroorkada8547638339aerevpkda@gmail.com
AEE, Pongommoodu• AEE, Pongommoodu0471-24488608547638176aeekwapmd@gmail.com
AE, Mace- Pongumoodu• AE, Mace- Pongumoodu8547638189aepongummoodu@gmail.com
AE, Revenue- Pongumoodu• AE, Revenue- Pongumoodu8547605754aepmdulloor@gmail.com
AE, Kazhakkoottam• AE, Kazhakkoottam8547638187aekwakzm@gmail.com
PH Division South, Thiruvananthapuram
Executive Engineer (PH Dn. South - TVPM)• Executive Engineer (PH Dn. South - TVPM)0471-23213798547638042eephdnsouthtvm@gmail.com
TA PH Division, South TVM• TA PH Division, South TVM0471-23213798547638290eephdnsouthtvm@gmail.com
AEE, H Q Subdivision• AEE, H Q Subdivision8547638289hqsubdivision@gmail.com
AE, Filter House• AE, Filter House8547638182filterhousekwa@gmail.com
AE, Head Quarters• AE, Head Quarters8547638184aehqkwa@gmail.com
AE, Store• AE, Store8547638185phdstoretvm@gmail.com
AEE -WW East Sub Division,PTP• AEE -WW East Sub Division,PTP0471-23607908547638191aeekwaptp@gmail.com
AE-Revenue PTP Nagar• AE-Revenue PTP Nagar8547638190kwaaeptprevenue@gmail.com
AE, Mace -Thirumala• AE, Mace -Thirumala8547638192kwa.aethirumala@gmail.com
AE, Mace - Karamana• AE, Mace - Karamana0471-23430928547638193aekaramana@gmail.com
AE, Revenue - Karamana• AE, Revenue - Karamana8281597996aerevenuekaramana@gmail.com
AEE,WW South Sub Division, Kuriathy• AEE,WW South Sub Division, Kuriathy0471-24726438547638194southtvm@gmail.com
AE, Revenue Kuriathy• AE, Revenue Kuriathy8547638195aerevenuekuriathy@gmail.com
AE, Mace- Kuriathy• AE, Mace- Kuriathy8547638196aekuriathy@gmail.com
AE- Revenue- Thiruvallam• AE- Revenue- Thiruvallam8289940620aethiruvallam@gmail.com
AE- Mace- Thiruvallam• AE- Mace- Thiruvallam0471-23825898547638197aevandithadam@gmail.com
Sewerage Maintenance Division, Patoor
Executive Engineer , Sewerage Dn., Tvpm• Executive Engineer , Sewerage Dn., Tvpm0471-23031708547638033eesmtvmkwa@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant8547638212eesmtvmkwa@gmail.com
AEE, Sewerage South Sub Dn., Kuriathy• AEE, Sewerage South Sub Dn., Kuriathy0471-24795028289940539 aeesewkuriathy@gmail.com
AE-I,Sewerage South Sub Dn., Kuriathy• AE-I,Sewerage South Sub Dn., Kuriathy8289940540aesewerage1@gmail.com
AE-II,Sewerage South Sub Dn., Kuriathy• AE-II,Sewerage South Sub Dn., Kuriathy8289940541ss2kuriathy@gmail.com
Mechanical Superintendent• Mechanical Superintendent8547638217 aeesewkuriathy@gmail.com
AE, Sewerage Treatment Plant• AE, Sewerage Treatment Plant8075506027technicalofficerstptvm@gmail.com
AEE (North),Pattoor• AEE (North),Pattoor0471-23031708547638214aeessdpattoor@gmail.com
AE, Sasathamangalam• AE, Sasathamangalam0471-27225638547638218kwasasthamangalam@gmail.com
AE, Medical College, TVPM• AE, Medical College, TVPM0471-25282388547638219aephsmc@gmail.com
AE, Project section, Pattoor• AE, Project section, Pattoor8547638220aeplamoodu@gmail.com
Headworks Division, Aruvikkara
Executive Engineer, HW Dn. Aruvikkara• Executive Engineer, HW Dn. Aruvikkara0472-28882809496000676eehwaruvikkarakwa@gmail.com
Technical Assistant, HW Dn. Aruvikkara• Technical Assistant, HW Dn. Aruvikkara0472-29720319496000689eehwaruvikkarakwa@gmail.com
AEE (Project) HW Division, Aruvikkara• AEE (Project) HW Division, Aruvikkara8547638116
AEE, WS Sub Division, Aruvikkara• AEE, WS Sub Division, Aruvikkara0472-28882399496000677wssdnavk@gmail.com
AE, General, Aruvikkara• AE, General, Aruvikkara9496000678sectionkwaavk@gmail.com
AE, Electrical, Aruvikkara• AE, Electrical, Aruvikkara9496000679sectionkwaavk@gmail.com
AE Section No. III, Aruvikkara• AE Section No. III, Aruvikkara9496000680sectionkwaavk@gmail.com
AE Section No. IV, Aruvikkara• AE Section No. IV, Aruvikkara9496000681sectionkwaavk@gmail.com
AE Section No. V, Aruvikkara• AE Section No. V, Aruvikkara9496000682sectionkwaavk@gmail.com
AE SSU, Peroorkada• AE SSU, Peroorkada0472-24377539496000683sectionkwaavk@gmail.com
Control Room Unit, Aruvikkara• Control Room Unit, Aruvikkara9496000685sectionkwaavk@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Division, Nedumangad• AEE, WS Sub Division, Nedumangad0472-28026299496586222kwanedumangad@gmail.com 
AE WSSection, Nedumangad• AE WSSection, Nedumangad0472-28026299496583222filterhousekwa@gmail.com
AE WSSection, Aryanad• AE WSSection, Aryanad0472-28538559496584222aekwaard@gmail.com
AE WSSection, Palode• AE WSSection, Palode0472-28414639496585222aekwapld@gmail.
AE, WS Section, Kallara• AE, WS Section, Kallara0472-28630738289940551kwakallara@gmail.com
WS Division, Neyyatinkara
Executive Engineer , WS Dn., Neyyattinkara• Executive Engineer , WS Dn., Neyyattinkara0471-22234478547638086wsdivision.neyyattinkara@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0471-22234478547638093wsdivision.neyyattinkara@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Dn.,Neyyattinkara• AEE, WS Sub Dn.,Neyyattinkara0471-22223538547638094aeekwanta@gmail.com
AE, WS section,Neyyattinkara• AE, WS section,Neyyattinkara0471-22223538547638095aekwanta@gmail.com
AE, WS section,Parassala• AE, WS section,Parassala0471-22041828547638096wssectionparassala@gmail.com
AE, WS section,Kattakada• AE, WS section,Kattakada0471-22941518547638097aekwaktda@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Dn.,Kanjiramkulam• AEE, WS Sub Dn.,Kanjiramkulam0471-22610118547638098aee.kwakanjiramkulam@gmail.com
AE,WS section, Kanjiramkulam• AE,WS section, Kanjiramkulam0471-22612728547638099aekanjiramkulam@gmail.com
AE,WS section, Aralummoodu• AE,WS section, Aralummoodu0471-22220618547638101kwaaralumoodu@gmail.com
WTP at Choozhattukottan under NTA Dn. TVPM• WTP at Choozhattukottan under NTA Dn. TVPM8289940618
WS Division, AttingalWS Division, Attingal
Executive Engineer WS Dn., AttingalExecutive Engineer WS Dn., Attingal0470-26205748547638069eewsattingal@gmail.com
TA, WS Dn., Attingal• TA, WS Dn., Attingal0470-26205748289940552eewsattingal@gmail.com
AEE, Attingal• AEE, Attingal0470-26223518547638356aeekwaatl@gmail.com
AE, Attingal• AE, Attingal0470-26233378547638357aesectionone@gmail.com
AE - Kazhakkuttom• AE - Kazhakkuttom8547638358aesection2@gmail.com
AEE, Varkala• AEE, Varkala0470-26024028547638359kwavarkala@gmail.com
AE I, Varkala• AE I, Varkala0470-26101968547638360aevarkala1@gmail.com
AE II, Varkala• AE II, Varkala0470-26024028547638361aevarkala2@gmail.com
Executive Engineer ,JNNURM,TVPM• Executive Engineer ,JNNURM,TVPM8547638423
Technical Assistant• Technical Assistant8547667700
AEE (Sew)• AEE (Sew)8547638420
AE - I (WS)• AE - I (WS)0471-23225948547638415
AE - II (WS)• AE - II (WS)8547638416
AE - III (WS)• AE - III (WS)8547605715
AE - I (Sew)• AE - I (Sew)8547638417
AE - II (Sew)• AE - II (Sew)8547638418
PH Circle, Kollam
Superintending Engineer PH Circle, Kollam• Superintending Engineer PH Circle, Kollam0474-27452938547638018phcirclekollam@gmail.com, sephckwakollam@gmail.com
PA to Superintending Engineer (Kollam)• PA to Superintending Engineer (Kollam)0474-27452938547638067phcirclekollam@gmail.com
Accounts Officer (PH Circle - Kollam)• Accounts Officer (PH Circle - Kollam)8547638351
PH Division, KollamPH Division, Kollam
Executive Engineer,PH Dn., Kollam• Executive Engineer,PH Dn., Kollam0474-27488578547001229eephdnkollam@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0474-27488578547638552eephdnkollam@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Dn.,Kollam• AEE, WS Sub Dn.,Kollam0474-27429938547638543wsskollam@gmail.com
AE, WS Section-I,Kollam• AE, WS Section-I,Kollam0474-27429938547638544wsae1kollam@gmail.com
AE, WS Section-II,Kollam• AE, WS Section-II,Kollam0474-27429938547638545wss2kollam@gmail.com
AE, WS Section-III,Kollam• AE, WS Section-III,Kollam0474-27429938547638546aewss3kollam@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Kollam• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Kollam0474-27478128547638530aeephdivision99@gmail.com
AE, PH Section,Kollam• AE, PH Section,Kollam0474-27478128547638531aephklm@gmail.com
AE, PH Section,Kottiyam• AE, PH Section,Kottiyam0474-25359118547638532aephkottiyam@gmail.com
AE, PH Section,Chathannoor• AE, PH Section,Chathannoor0474-25901008547638533aephsectioncnr@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Chavara• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Chavara8547638534phsdnchavara@gmail.com
AE, PH Section,Chavara• AE, PH Section,Chavara8547638535phsectionchavara@gmail.com
AE, PH Section,Oachira• AE, PH Section,Oachira8547638536aephoachira@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Dn.,Sasthamcottah• AEE, WS Sub Dn.,Sasthamcottah0476-28309018547638549kwaskt@gmail.com
AE, WS Section No.I,Sasthamcottah• AE, WS Section No.I,Sasthamcottah0476-28309018547638550kwasection1@gmail.com
AE, WS Section No.II, (HEAD WORKS)Sasthamcottah• AE, WS Section No.II, (HEAD WORKS)Sasthamcottah0476-28309018547638551aeheadworksskta@gmail.com
Project Division, Kollam
Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Kollam• Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Kollam0474-27488948547638052kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
HD,Project Division, Kollam• HD,Project Division, Kollam8281597976kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
AEE - I (Proj. - Kollam)• AEE - I (Proj. - Kollam)8547638342kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
AE-I, Project Division, Kollam• AE-I, Project Division, Kollam8289940545kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
AEE - II (Proj. - Kollam)• AEE - II (Proj. - Kollam)8547638343kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
AE-III, Project Division, Kollam• AE-III, Project Division, Kollam8281597977kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
AE-IV, Project Division, Kollam• AE-IV, Project Division, Kollam8289940547kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
AE-VII, JNNURM Projects• AE-VII, JNNURM Projects8289940562kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
AEE - III (Proj. - Kollam)• AEE - III (Proj. - Kollam)8281597949kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
AE-V, Project Dn. Kollam• AE-V, Project Dn. Kollam8547605753kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
AEE -IV (Proj. - Kollam)• AEE -IV (Proj. - Kollam)8289940561kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
AE-VI, JNNURM Projects• AE-VI, JNNURM Projects8129222004kwaprojectkollam@gmail.com
PH Division, KottarakkaraPH Division, Kottarakkara
Executive Engineer,PH Dn., Kottarakkara• Executive Engineer,PH Dn., Kottarakkara0474-24507879400002040eephdkwaktkra@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0476-24507878547638305eephdkwaktkra@gmail.com
AEE PH SubDn. , Kottarakkara• AEE PH SubDn. , Kottarakkara0474-24549968547638537aeekwaktkra@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Kundara• AE, PH Section, Kundara0474-25226838547638538aephsectionkundara@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Kottarakkara• AE, PH Section, Kottarakkara0474-24549968547638539aephsectionkottarakkara@gmail.com
AEE PH SubDn. , Kadakkal• AEE PH SubDn. , Kadakkal0474-24222428547638540aeephsubdnkwakdl@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Kadakkal• AE, PH Section, Kadakkal0474-24222428547638541kadakkalae@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Madathara• AE, PH Section, Madathara0474-24425018547638542kwamadathara@gmail.com
AEE WS SubDn. , Punalur• AEE WS SubDn. , Punalur0475-22274848547638547kwapunalur@gmail.com
AE, WS Section, Punalur• AE, WS Section, Punalur8547638548aekwapunalur@gmail.com
AE WS Section ,Pathanapuram• AE WS Section ,Pathanapuram8289940577aekwapathanapuram@gmail.com
AEE PH Subdn, Valakam• AEE PH Subdn, Valakam0474-24702198547638293phsubdivisionvalakom@gmail.com
AE PH Section Valakam• AE PH Section Valakam0474-24702198289940617phsectionvalakom2016@gmail.com
AE PH Section Panamkuttimala(HEAD WORKS)• AE PH Section Panamkuttimala(HEAD WORKS)8547605711aepanamkuttimala@gmail.com
PH Circle, Pathanamthitta(Thiruvalla)
Superintending Engineer PH Circle, Thiruvalla• Superintending Engineer PH Circle, Thiruvalla0469-26001628547638027sephctvla@gmail.com
Technical Assistant• Technical Assistant8281597974sephctvla@gmail.com
PH Division, ThiruvallaPH Division, Thiruvalla
Executive Engineer, PH Division,Thiruvalla• Executive Engineer, PH Division,Thiruvalla0469-27012678547638032kwa.thiruvalla@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant8547638241kwa.thiruvalla@gmail.com
AEE (Thiruvalla)• AEE (Thiruvalla)0469-27007488547638242kwaphsdtvla@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Thiruvalla• AE,PH Section, Thiruvalla0469-27007488281597950kwasectiontvla@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Nedumpuram• AE,PH Section, Nedumpuram8281597951aekwanedumpuram@gmail.com
AEE, Mallappally• AEE, Mallappally8547605722kwa.mallappally@gmail.com
AE,PH Section,Mallappally• AE,PH Section,Mallappally0469-27852658281597953aemallappally@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Pullad• AE,PH Section, Pullad8281597952aepullad@gmail.com
AEE (Edathua)• AEE (Edathua)0477-22129148547638243aeekwaedva@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Edathua• AE,PH Section, Edathua8281597954aephedathua@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Kidangara• AE,PH Section, Kidangara0477-27535338281597955aekwakidangara@gmail.com
AEE, Changanassery• AEE, Changanassery0481-24206348547638244aeekwachry@gmail.com
AE,PH Section,Changanassery• AE,PH Section,Changanassery0481-24206348281597956aekwachry@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Nedumkunnam• AE,PH Section, Nedumkunnam8281597957aenedumkunnam@gmail.com
PH Division, PathanamthittaPH Division, Pathanamthitta
Executive Engineer , PH Dn, Pathanamthitta• Executive Engineer , PH Dn, Pathanamthitta0468-22226878547638053kwaptadivision@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant (PH Dn. - PTA)• Techncial Assistant (PH Dn. - PTA)8547638344kwaptadivision@gmail.com
AEE PH Sub DN. PTA.• AEE PH Sub DN. PTA.0468-22226708547638345kwaptasubdn@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, PTA• AE, PH Section, PTA8547638346aeptasection@gmail.com
AE, PH Section,Chiranickal(Adoor)• AE, PH Section,Chiranickal(Adoor)04734-2257668547638347kwaadoor@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Konni• AE, PH Section, Konni8289940592aekwakonni@gmail.com
AEE Ph Sub Dn. Ranni• AEE Ph Sub Dn. Ranni04734-2271608547638348kwaranni@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Ranni• AE, PH Section, Ranni04734-2271608547638349aerannikwa@gmail.com
AE, Vadasserikara• AE, Vadasserikara04735-2504438547638350kwavdka@gmail.com
AE, Pampa (Seasonal)• AE, Pampa (Seasonal)8547638350
Project Division, Adoor
Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Adoor• Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Adoor04734-2248398281597988pdadoor@gmail.com
AEE - I• AEE - I8281597989pdadoor@gmail.com
AE - I• AE - I8281597998pdadoor@gmail.com
AE - II• AE - II8281597997pdadoor@gmail.com
AEE - II• AEE - II8281597990pdadoor@gmail.com
AE - III• AE - III9497718366pdadoor@gmail.com
AE - IV• AE - IV9497718566pdadoor@gmail.com
PH Circle, Kottayam
Superintending Engineer,PH Circle, Kottayam• Superintending Engineer,PH Circle, Kottayam0481-25627458547638029sephck@gmail.com
PA to Superintending Engineer (KTM)• PA to Superintending Engineer (KTM)0481-25627458547638035sephck@gmail.com
Accounts Officer (PH Circle - KTM)• Accounts Officer (PH Circle - KTM)8547638036
AEE,IPD Sub Dn., Changanassery• AEE,IPD Sub Dn., Changanassery8281597986
PH Division, KottayamPH Division, Kottayam
Executive Engineer ,PH Dn., Kottayam• Executive Engineer ,PH Dn., Kottayam0481-25637118547638555eephdivisionkwaktm@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0481-25637118547638556eephdivisionkwaktm@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn., Kottayam• AEE, PH Sub Dn., Kottayam0481-25692428547638557kwaphsktm@gmail.com
AE,WW Section No.I, Kottayam• AE,WW Section No.I, Kottayam0481-25637018547638558aewwsn1ktm@gmail.com
AE,WW Section No.II, Thiruvanchoor• AE,WW Section No.II, Thiruvanchoor0481-27705318547638559wwsection2tvr.kwa@gmail.com
AE, PH Med. College Sn. Gandhinagar• AE, PH Med. College Sn. Gandhinagar0481-25973458547638561kwaphmcgandhinagar@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Kottayam• AE, PH Section, Kottayam0481-25692428547638560aephktm@gmail.com
AEE,WSP Sub Dn., Pala• AEE,WSP Sub Dn., Pala0482-22126308547638562kwaaeepala@gmail.com
AE, PH Section,Pala• AE, PH Section,Pala0482-22126308547638553kwaaepala@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Erattupetta• AE, PH Section, Erattupetta9446261164(P)aekwaerattupetta@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn., Ponkunnam• AEE, PH Sub Dn., Ponkunnam9400002032aeekwapkm@gmail.com
AE, PH Section,Ponkunnam• AE, PH Section,Ponkunnam04828-2212328547638554aekwaponkunnam@gmail.com
AE , PH Section, Mundakkayam• AE , PH Section, Mundakkayam8547638566aemundakayam@gmail.com
Project Division, Kottayam
Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Kottayam• Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Kottayam0481-25664448547638037eeprojectdivisionktm@gmail.com
AEE - I• AEE - I8547638246eeprojectdivisionktm@gmail.com
AEE - II• AEE - II8547638247eeprojectdivisionktm@gmail.com
AE - I• AE - I8547638564eeprojectdivisionktm@gmail.com
AE - II• AE - II8547638565eeprojectdivisionktm@gmail.com
AE-III• AE-III7306003362eeprojectdivisionktm@gmail.com
AE-IV,• AE-IV,8547605717eeprojectdivisionktm@gmail.com
PH Division, KaduthuruthyPH Division, Kaduthuruthy
Executive Engineer , PH Dn, Kaduthuruthy• Executive Engineer , PH Dn, Kaduthuruthy04829-2850528547638081eekwakaduthuruthy@gmail.com
TA, Kadathuruthy• TA, Kadathuruthy8547638107eekwakaduthuruthy@gmail.com
AEE,PH SubDivision, Kaduthuruthy• AEE,PH SubDivision, Kaduthuruthy04829-2833008547638454aeekwakaduthuruthy@gmail.com
AE,Kaduthuruthy• AE,Kaduthuruthy04829-2833008547638449aekwakdy@gmail.com
AE, Kidangur• AE, Kidangur8547638563aekwakidangoor@gmail.com
AE Uzhavoor• AE Uzhavoor8547638563aekwauzhavoor@gmail.com
AE Peruva• AE Peruva8547638459aekwaperuva@gmail.com
AEE,WSP SubDivision, Vaikom• AEE,WSP SubDivision, Vaikom04829-2312048547638447kwavkm@gmail.com
AE PH Section, Vaikkom• AE PH Section, Vaikkom04829-2312048547638448phsnvkm@gmail.com
AE PH Section, T V Puram Vaikkom • AE PH Section, T V Puram Vaikkom 9400002031phsntvpuram@gmail.com
o/o CE CR
Chief Engineer Central Region• Chief Engineer Central Region0484-23616539496044433kwacentralregion@gmail.com
Deputy Chief Engineer,(CR), Kochi0484-23616538547638476
EE,CE(CR), Kochi0484-23845338547638477
AEE I0484-23275358547638478
AEE II0484-23275358547638479
AEE III0484-23275358547638480
Finance Officer8547638481
Administrative Officer8547638482
Accounts Officer, RMC8547638108
Head Clerk, Legal Cell8547638483
UD Clerk, Legal Cell8547638484
AEE, NRWM, Unit Kochi0484-23918838281597968aeenrwmukochi@gmail.com
AE, NRWM, Unit Kochi8281597969aeenrwmukochi@gmail.com
PH Circle, Alappuzha
Superintending Engineer, PH Circle, Allappuzha8547638043sephcalp@gmail.com,
PA to SE, Alappuzha0477-22379548547638475sephcalp@gmail.com,
AO, PH Circle, Alleppey8289940593
UIDSSMT Project Division, Alappuzha
Project Manager,UIDSSMT Project Dn., Alappuzha0477-22689558547638100alp.uidssmt@gmail.com, kwapdaalp@gmail.com
Deputy Project Manager-I8547638172alp.uidssmt@gmail.com
Project Engineer-Ialp.uidssmt@gmail.com
Project Engineer-II8281597963alp.uidssmt@gmail.com
Project Engineer-III8281597964alp.uidssmt@gmail.com
Project Engineer-IV8281597965alp.uidssmt@gmail.com
Deputy Project Manager-II8547638236alp.uidssmt@gmail.com
Executive Engineer, KIIFB PIU, AlappuzhaKIIFB PIU, Alappuzha8547638083kiifbkwaalp@gmail.com
PH Division, AlappuzhaPH Division, Alappuzha
Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Alappuzha• Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Alappuzha0477-22433428547638034eekwapha@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0477-22423728547638221eekwapha@gmail.com
AEE,PH Sub Dn., Alappuzha• AEE,PH Sub Dn., Alappuzha0477-22457808547638224aeealp@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Alappuzha• AE, PH Section, Alappuzha0477-22420738547638226aekwaphsnalpy@gmail.com
AE, WSP Section, Alappuzha• AE, WSP Section, Alappuzha8547638523aewspalp@gmail.com
AEE,WSP SubDn., Haripad• AEE,WSP SubDn., Haripad0479-24151708547638222aeekwahpd@gmail.com
AE, PH Section,Harippad• AE, PH Section,Harippad0479-24181758547638528aekwahpd@gmail.com
AE, PH Section,Kayamkulam• AE, PH Section,Kayamkulam0479-24424098547638529aekwakylm@gmail.com
AEE, WSP SubDn.,Cherthala• AEE, WSP SubDn.,Cherthala0478-28130128547638225kwacherthala@gmail.com
AE, WSP Section, Cherthala• AE, WSP Section, Cherthala8547638524aephcherthala@gmail.com
AE, PH Section,Thuravoor• AE, PH Section,Thuravoor8547638525aephthuravoor@gmail.com
AEE HW Subdivision, Thycatussery• AEE HW Subdivision, Thycatussery0478-28200918547638235hwsdthyaee@gmail.com
AE, HW Sn., Thykkattussery• AE, HW Sn., Thykkattussery8289940524aehwthycattussery@gmail.com
AE,PH Sn., Thykkattussery• AE,PH Sn., Thykkattussery8289940525kwaphsnthy@gmail.com
AEE, WSP SubDn., Mavelikkara• AEE, WSP SubDn., Mavelikkara0479-23032648547638223kwamavelikkara@gmail.com
AE, PH Section No.II,Mavelikkara• AE, PH Section No.II,Mavelikkara0479-23033648547638526kwaphmvka@gmail.com
AE, PH Section No.I, Chengannur• AE, PH Section No.I, Chengannur8547638527kwaphscnr@gmail.com
PH Circle, Kochi
Superintending Engineer,PH Circle, Kochi• Superintending Engineer,PH Circle, Kochi0484-23606459496044422phcircle.kochi@gmail.com
PA to Superintending Engineer• PA to Superintending Engineer0484-23606458547638075phcircle.kochi@gmail.com
Accounts Officer• Accounts Officer8547638132
PH Division, KochiPH Division, Kochi
Executive Engineer, PH Dn.,Kochi• Executive Engineer, PH Dn.,Kochi0484-23608169496033301phdivisionkochi@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0484-23608168547638133phdivisionkochi@gmail.com
AEE W S Sub Dn1, Kochi-Pallimukku• AEE W S Sub Dn1, Kochi-Pallimukku0484-23728309496033303wwsubdivisionkochi16@gmail.com
AE WS section 1• AE WS section 18547638134section1kochi16@gmail.com
AE WS section 2• AE WS section 28547638135aesection2pallimukkukwa@gmail.com
AE WS section 3• AE WS section 38547638136wwsectionno3@gmail.com
AEE W S Sub Dn2- Kaloor• AEE W S Sub Dn2- Kaloor0484-25308449496033304kwakaloor@gmail.com
AE WS section 1• AE WS section 18547638138kwakaloor1@gmail.com
AE WS section 2• AE WS section 2kwakaloor2@gmail.com
AEE W S Sub Dn1, Karuvelippadi• AEE W S Sub Dn1, Karuvelippadi0484-22207169496033307karuvelipady@gmail.com
AE WS section 1• AE WS section 18547638140ae1karuvelipady@gmail.com
AE WS section 2• AE WS section 28547638141ae2karuvelipady@gmail.com
AE WS section 3• AE WS section 38547638514karuvelipadya3@gmail.com
AEE Sewerage Subdivision, Kochi• AEE Sewerage Subdivision, Kochi0484-23697108547638142sewaragesubdivisionkochi@gmail.com
AE Central Store• AE Central Storecentrestorekochi@gmial.com
AE, Drainage Section• AE, Drainage Section8547638143drainagesectionkochi@gmail.com
AEE W S Sub Dn4, Vyttilla• AEE W S Sub Dn4, Vyttilla0484-22055808547638139kwavytilla@gmail.com
AE, WS Section 1 Vytilla• AE, WS Section 1 Vytilla8547638516kwavyttilasn1@gmail.com
AE, WS Section 2 Vytilla• AE, WS Section 2 Vytilla8547638575kwavyttilasn2@gmail.com
Project Division, Perumbavoor
Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Perumbavoor• Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Perumbavoor0484-25221898547638074eeprojectkwa.pbr@gmail.com
HD,Project Division, Perumbavoor• HD,Project Division, Perumbavoor8289940589eeprojectkwa.pbr@gmail.com
AEE I• AEE I8547638167eeprojectkwa.pbr@gmail.com
AEE II• AEE II8547638168eeprojectkwa.pbr@gmail.com
AE-I,Project Division, Perumbavoor• AE-I,Project Division, Perumbavoor8289940586eeprojectkwa.pbr@gmail.com
AE-II,Project Division, Perumbavoor• AE-II,Project Division, Perumbavoor8289940587eeprojectkwa.pbr@gmail.com
AE-III,Project Division, Perumbavoor• AE-III,Project Division, Perumbavoor8289940588eeprojectkwa.pbr@gmail.com
W S Division, KochiW S Division, Kochi
Executive Engineer, WS Dn., Kochi• Executive Engineer, WS Dn., Kochi0484-23941559496033302eewsdivision@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0484-23941558547638145eewsdivision@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Dn., Tripunithura• AEE, WS Sub Dn., Tripunithura0484-27779608547638144aeekwatripunithura@gmail.com
AE, WS Section - I, Trippunnithura• AE, WS Section - I, Trippunnithura8547638146ae1kwatripunithura@gmail.com
AE, WS Section - II, Trippunithura• AE, WS Section - II, Trippunithura8547638147ae2kwatripunithura@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Dn. Choondy Puthencruz• AEE, WS Sub Dn. Choondy Puthencruz0484-27604908547638148aeechoondy@gmail.com
AE WS Section, Choondy Puthencruz• AE WS Section, Choondy Puthencruz8547638149aewsschoondy@gmail.com
AE, IWS Maintenance Section, Choondy Puthencruz• AE, IWS Maintenance Section, Choondy Puthencruz8547638150aeiwschoondy@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Dn., North Paravoor• AEE, WS Sub Dn., North Paravoor0484-24425928547638151keralawaterauthority1@gmail.com
AE ,WS Section, Muppathadam• AE ,WS Section, Muppathadam0484-26049088547638153kwamuppathadam1@gmail.com
AE WS Section, North Paravoor• AE WS Section, North Paravoor8547638152aenorthparavoor@gmail.com
AE WS Section, Njarakkal• AE WS Section, Njarakkal8547638154aekwanjarakkal@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Dn.,Kalamassery• AEE, WS Sub Dn.,Kalamassery0484-25502449496033306kwakalamassery@gmail.com
AE WS Section., Kalamassery• AE WS Section., Kalamassery0484-25502448289940548kwakalamasserysection@gmail.com
AE, WS Section Thrikkakkara• AE, WS Section Thrikkakkara8547638155kwasectiontka@gmail.com
PH Division, AluvaPH Division, Aluva
Executive Engineer, PH Division, Aluva• Executive Engineer, PH Division, Aluva0484-26269489496033300eephaluvakwa@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0484-26269488547638156eephaluvakwa@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Aluva• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Aluva0484-26232069496033305aeephsdaluva@gmail.com
AE PH Section No: II Aluva• AE PH Section No: II Aluva8289940582aepipelinealuva@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Vadakkekkara• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Vadakkekkara0484-24755618547638157aeephsdvka@gmail.com
AE , PH Section, Vadakkekara• AE , PH Section, Vadakkekara8547638158aekwavadakkekara@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Kariyad• AE, PH Section, Kariyad8547638159aephs1kariyad@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Perumbavoor• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Perumbavoor0484-25232298547638160aeephsubdivisionpbvr@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Perumbavoor• AE,PH Section, Perumbavoor0484-25231658547638161aephsperumbavoor@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Kuruppampady• AE,PH Section, Kuruppampady8547638162aekwaphskuruppampady@gmail.com
AE PH Section,Kunnathunadu• AE PH Section,Kunnathunadu8547638163aephsectionptm@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.Angamaly• AEE, PH Sub Dn.Angamaly0484-24527258547638164phsdangamaly@gmail.com
AE PH Section, Angamaly• AE PH Section, Angamaly0484-24527258547638165phsnangamaly@gmail.com
AE - H/W section,Chowara• AE - H/W section,Chowara0484-26006498547638166aehwchowara@gmail.com
AE, Head Works Section, Aluva• AE, Head Works Section, Aluva9496033308aeheadworksaluva@gmail.com
AE, Shift, HW, Aluva• AE, Shift, HW, Aluva9496033310aeheadworksaluva@gmail.com
AEE, HW Sub Division, Aluva• AEE, HW Sub Division, Aluva0484-26234769496033311kwaheadworksaluva@gmail.com
AE, Electrical Section, Aluva• AE, Electrical Section, Aluva9496033309
AE Pipe line Section No:1 Aluva• AE Pipe line Section No:1 Aluva8289940583aepipelinealuva@gmail.com
JNNURM Circle,Kochi
PA to SE(Project Assistant)8547638502
AEE1 (WS)8547638506
AE1 (WS)8547638508
AE2 (WS)8547638509
AE3 (WS)8547638510
AE2( Sew)8547638515
PH Circle, Muvattupuzha
Superintending Engineer,PH Circle, Muvattupuzha• Superintending Engineer,PH Circle, Muvattupuzha0485-28356378547638451sephcmvpa@gmail.com
PA to Superintending Engineer• PA to Superintending Engineer0485-28356378547638452sephcmvpa@gmail.com
AO, PH Circle, Moovattupuzha• AO, PH Circle, Moovattupuzha8547638450
PH Division, MuvattupuzhaPH Division, Muvattupuzha
Executive Engineer,PH Division,Muvattupuzha• Executive Engineer,PH Division,Muvattupuzha0485-28323508547638435eephdnmpuzha@gmail.com
TA, PH Division, Muvattupuzha• TA, PH Division, Muvattupuzha0485-28323508547638436eephdnmpuzha@gmail.com
AEE,PH SubDivision, Muvattupuzha• AEE,PH SubDivision, Muvattupuzha0485-28322528547638437kwamvpasubdn@gmail.com
AE PH Section Muvattupuzha• AE PH Section Muvattupuzha0485-28336018547638438kwaaemuvattupuzha@gmail.com
AE PH Section Vazhakulam• AE PH Section Vazhakulam0485-22600608547638439aekwavazhakkulam@gmail.com
AE PH Section Koothattukulam• AE PH Section Koothattukulam0485-22506668547638440aekwakoothattukulam@gmail.com
AEE,PH SubDivision, Piravom• AEE,PH SubDivision, Piravom0485-22433568547638444aeephspkwapvm@gmail.com
AE PH Section Piravom• AE PH Section Piravom0485-22433568547638445aekwapvm@gmail.com
AE PH Section Mulamthuruthy• AE PH Section Mulamthuruthy8547638446phsectionmulamthuruthy@gmail.com
AE PH Section Elenji• AE PH Section Elenji8547605728aekwaelanji@gmail.com
AEE,PH SubDivision, Kothamangalam• AEE,PH SubDivision, Kothamangalam0485-28625248547638441kwaphsdnklm@gmail.com
AE,PH Section No. I, Kothamangalam• AE,PH Section No. I, Kothamangalam8547638442aekothamangalam1@gmail.com
AE,PH Section No. II, Kothamangalam• AE,PH Section No. II, Kothamangalam8547638443aekothamangalam2@gmail.com
Project Division, Piravom
Executive Engineer, Project Division, Piravom• Executive Engineer, Project Division, Piravom0485-22424628547638453eekwapvm@gmail.com
Head Draughtsman• Head Draughtsman8547638460eekwapvm@gmail.com
AEE,Project Sub Dn., Piravom• AEE,Project Sub Dn., Piravom8547638461eekwapvm@gmail.com
AE-I, Project Section, Piravom• AE-I, Project Section, Piravom8547638455eekwapvm@gmail.com
AE-II, Project Section, Piravom• AE-II, Project Section, Piravom8547638459eekwapvm@gmail.com
AE3, Piravam Dn• AE3, Piravam Dn8547638458eekwapvm@gmail.com
Project Division, Kattapana
Executive Engineer, Project Division, Kattappana• Executive Engineer, Project Division, Kattappana04868-2720118547638470eekwaktpna@gmail.com
AEE-1• AEE-104868-2501018547638462eekwaktpna@gmail.com
AEE-II• AEE-II04862-2229128547638463eekwaktpna@gmail.com
AE-I• AE-I8547638464eekwaktpna@gmail.com
AE-II• AE-II8547638465eekwaktpna@gmail.com
AE-III• AE-III8547638466eekwaktpna@gmail.com
AE-IV• AE-IV8547638467eekwaktpna@gmail.com
PH Division, ThodupuzhaPH Division, Thodupuzha
Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Thodupuzha• Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Thodupuzha04862-2228138547638426eetdpa@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant04862-2228128547638427eetdpa@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Thodupuzha• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Thodupuzha04862-2229128547638428subdntdpa@gmail.com
AE, PH Section No.I, Thodupuzha• AE, PH Section No.I, Thodupuzha04862-2229128547638429aeno1tdpa@gmail.com
AE PHSection No: II Thodupuzha• AE PHSection No: II Thodupuzha8289940584aesection2tdpa@gmail.com
AEE, IPD Sub Dn.,Thodupuzha• AEE, IPD Sub Dn.,Thodupuzha8547605723
AE, IPD Section.,Thodupuzha• AE, IPD Section.,Thodupuzha8547605724
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Painavu• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Painavu04862-2323888547638430aeepnv@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Painavu• AE, PH Section, Painavu8547638431aekwapnv@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Nedumkandom• AE, PH Section, Nedumkandom04862-2349118547638432aendkmkwa@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Peermade• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Peermade04869-2322208547638433aeepmd@gmail.com
Assistant Engr, PH Sn. Devikulam, Thodupuzha• Assistant Engr, PH Sn. Devikulam, Thodupuzha8289940602aedkmkwa@gail.com
AE, PH Section, Peermade• AE, PH Section, Peermade8547638434aekwapmd@gmail.com
PH Circle, Thrissur
Superintending Engineer, PH Circle, Thrissur• Superintending Engineer, PH Circle, Thrissur0487-24232308547638019sephcthrissur@gmail.com
PA to Superintending Engineer• PA to Superintending Engineer0487-24232308547638070sephcthrissur@gmail.com
Accounts Officer, Thrissur• Accounts Officer, Thrissur8547638393
HD, PH Circle, Trichur• HD, PH Circle, Trichur8289940590
Project Division, Nattika
Executive Engineer, Project Division, Nattika• Executive Engineer, Project Division, Nattika0487-23914108547638073kwapdnattika@gmail.com
AEE I• AEE I8547638389kwapdnattika@gmail.com
AEE II• AEE II8547638390kwapdnattika@gmail.com
AEE III• AEE III8547638391kwapdnattika@gmail.com
AE I• AE I9400002034kwapdnattika@gmail.com
AE II• AE II9400002035kwapdnattika@gmail.com
AE III• AE III9400002036kwapdnattika@gmail.com
AEIV• AEIV9400002037kwapdnattika@gmail.com
AE V• AE V9400002038kwapdnattika@gmail.com
AE VI• AE VI9400002039kwapdnattika@gmail.com
AE, Project Dn. Nattika• AE, Project Dn. Nattika8547605709kwapdnattika@gmail.com
PH Division, Thrissur
Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Thrissur• Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Thrissur0487-23330708547638071eekwatsr@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0487-23330708547638362eekwatsr@gmail.com
AEE ,WW SubDn., Thrissur• AEE ,WW SubDn., Thrissur8547638363aeekwatsr@gmail.com
AEWW Sn No. I, Thrissur• AEWW Sn No. I, Thrissur8547638364thrissurae1@gmail.com
AEWW Sn No. II, Thrissur• AEWW Sn No. II, Thrissur8547638365ae2kwatsr@gmail.com
AE HW Section, Peechi• AE HW Section, Peechi0487-26998208547638366aepeechi@gmail.com
AEE , PH Sub Dn.,Guruvayur• AEE , PH Sub Dn.,Guruvayur0487-25564618547638367aeekwagvr@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Guruvayoor• AE,PH Section, Guruvayoor0487-25564618547638368aekwagvr@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Thrithala• AE, PH Section, Thrithala0466-23702978547638369aekwatla@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Kunnamkulam• AE, PH Section, Kunnamkulam04885-2233478547638370aekwakkm@gmail.com
AEE , PH Sub Dn.,Wadakkanchery• AEE , PH Sub Dn.,Wadakkanchery0488-42326408547638371aeekwawky@gmail.com
AE,WSP Section, Wadakkanchery• AE,WSP Section, Wadakkanchery8547638372aekwawky@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Chelakkara• AE,PH Section, Chelakkara8547638373aekwacka@gmail.com
PH Division, Irinjalakkuda
Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Irinjalakkuda• Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Irinjalakkuda0480-28266088547638072divisionkwairinjalakuda@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0480-28266088547638374divisionkwairinjalakuda@gmail.com
AEE, WSP Sub Dn.,Chalakkudy• AEE, WSP Sub Dn.,Chalakkudy0480-27016798547638375kwasubdivisionchalakudi@gamil.com
AE, PH Section,Chalakkudy• AE, PH Section,Chalakkudy0480-27017198547638376kwa.chalakudy@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Ollur• AE,PH Section, Ollur04872-3565648547638377kwaollur@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Mala• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Mala0480-28903708547638378kwaaeemala@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Mala• AE, PH Section, Mala8547638379aekwamala@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Kodungalloor• AE, PH Section, Kodungalloor0480-28029358547638380aekwakdr@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Irinjalakkuda• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Irinjalakkuda0480-28257888547638381kwaphsubdnijk@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Irrinjalakkuda• AE,PH Section, Irrinjalakkuda8547638382kwaphsectionijk@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Cherpu• AE, PH Section, Cherpu04872-3440758547638384aecherpu2014@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.Nattika• AEE, PH Sub Dn.Nattika04872-4028338547638385aeekwantk@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Mathilakam• AE, PH Section, Mathilakam8547638386aemathilakam@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Vatanappally• AE,PH Section, Vatanappally8547638387aekwavty@gmail.com
o/o CE NR
Chief Engineer Northern Region• Chief Engineer Northern Region0495-23711359447795757cenorthkwa@gmail.com
Deputy Chief Engineer,(NR), Kozhikode0495-23701068281597985
Executive Engineer (NR)0495-23701068547638085
AEE II8547638106
AEE III8547638105
AEE IV8547638104
Adm Officer (NR) to AO, PH Circle, Malappuram8547638123
PH Circle, Palakkad
Superintending Engineer, PH Circle,Palakkad• Superintending Engineer, PH Circle,Palakkad0491-25449278547638023phcirclepkd@gmail.com
PA to Superintending Engineer• PA to Superintending Engineer0491-25449278547638063phcirclepkd@gmail.com
Accounts Officer• Accounts Officer
PH Division, Palakkad
Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Palakkad• Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Palakkad0491-25450278547638064eephplkd@gmail.com
Technical Assistant• Technical Assistant0491-25450278547638307eephplkd@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Palakkad• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Palakkad0491-25466318547638308pkdsubdivision@gmail.com
AE (Augmentation ), Palakkad• AE (Augmentation ), Palakkad0491-25466318289940591aeaugpkd@gmail.com
AE, Malampuzha• AE, Malampuzha0491-28151748281597966aepwssmpz@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Chittur• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Chittur0492-32224298547638310phsubdivisionctr@gmail.com
AE, Chittur• AE, Chittur0492-32224298547638311phsectionchittur@gmail.com
AE, Nenmara• AE, Nenmara0492-32436058547638312phsectionnemmara@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Alathur• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Alathur0492-22227288547638313aeekwaalathoor@gmail.com
AE, Alathur• AE, Alathur0492-22227288547605752aekwaalathur@gmail.com
AE, Kuzhalmannam• AE, Kuzhalmannam8547638314aekwakuzhalmannam@gmail.com
AE, Kozhinjampara• AE, Kozhinjampara8547638311phsectionkozhinjampara@gmail.com
Project Division, Palakkad
Executive Engineer, Project Division, Palakkad• Executive Engineer, Project Division, Palakkad0491-25470448547638066wspdivisionpkd@gmail.com
AEE I• AEE I8547638323wspdivisionpkd@gmail.com
AEE II• AEE II8547638324wspdivisionpkd@gmail.com
AEE III• AEE III8547638325wspdivisionpkd@gmail.com
AE-I, WSP Division, Palakkad• AE-I, WSP Division, Palakkad8289940553wspdivisionpkd@gmail.com
AE-II, WSP Division, Palakkad• AE-II, WSP Division, Palakkad8289940554wspdivisionpkd@gmail.com
AE-III, WSP Division, Palakkad• AE-III, WSP Division, Palakkad8289940556wspdivisionpkd@gmail.com
AE-IV, WSP Division, Palakkad• AE-IV, WSP Division, Palakkad8289940557wspdivisionpkd@gmail.com
PH Division, Shornur
Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Shornur• Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Shornur0466-22232648547638065kwaphdsrr@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0466-22232648547638315kwaphdsrr@gmail.com
AEE,PH SubDn., Shoranur• AEE,PH SubDn., Shoranur0466-22223448547638316kwaaeesrr@gmail.com  
AE, Shoranur• AE, Shoranur0466-22223448547638317aephsrr@gmail.com  
AE, Pattambi• AE, Pattambi0466-29701398547638318aephptb@gmail.com  
AEE, PH SubDn., Ottappalam• AEE, PH SubDn., Ottappalam0466-22444758547638319kwaotp@gmail.com
AE, Ottappalam• AE, Ottappalam8547638320aephsottapalam@gmail.com 
AE, Cherplassery• AE, Cherplassery8547638321kwacpy@gmail.com
AE, Mannarkkad• AE, Mannarkkad04924-2223638547638322kwamannarkkad@gmail.com 
PH Circle, Kozhikkode
Superintending Engineer, PH Circle,Kozhikode• Superintending Engineer, PH Circle,Kozhikode0495-23710468547638024sekwakkd@gmail.com
PA to Superintending Engineer• PA to Superintending Engineer0495-23710468547638055sekwakkd@gmail.com
AEE• AEE0495-23745709496594222
Accounts Officer• Accounts Officer8547638054
AEE Stock Verification Sub Dn. Kozhikkode8547605707
PH Division, Kozhikkode
Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Kozhikode• Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Kozhikode0495-23705848547638056eephdkkd@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0495-23700958547638211eephdkkd@gmail.com
RWS Sub Division Kozhikkod• RWS Sub Division Kozhikkod0495-23821178547638204rwskwa@gmail.com
RWS Section Koduvally• RWS Section Koduvally0495-23810088547638210aerwskdy@gmail.com
RWS Section Malaparamba• RWS Section Malaparamba0495-25376068289940574aerwsmalaparamba@gmail.com
Head Works Sub Division Kozhikod• Head Works Sub Division Kozhikod0495-23706348547638203hwsd.kwa@gmail.com
Aug.Medi section Malaparamba• Aug.Medi section Malaparamba8547638209amcskkd@gmail.com
Electrical Section Mavoor• Electrical Section Mavoor8289940570
Head Work section, Mavoor• Head Work section, Mavoor8289940571hwsmavoor@gmail.com
Distribution Sub Division No.I West Hill• Distribution Sub Division No.I West Hill0495-23706348547638201dsd1kwaclt@gmail.com
Distribution Section I/I• Distribution Section I/I8547638205asstengineerkwasec1@gmail.com
Distribution Section II/I• Distribution Section II/I8289940572aeathanikkal2n1@gmail.com
Distribution Section III/I• Distribution Section III/I8547638206asstengineerkwasec3@gmail.com
Distribution Sub Division No.II Sarovaram• Distribution Sub Division No.II Sarovaram8547638202aeekwa2@gamil.com
Distribution Section I/II• Distribution Section I/II0495-23700958547638207aekwa4n2@gmail.com
Distribution Section II/II• Distribution Section II/II8547638208kwasection2@gmail.com
Distribution Section IV/II• Distribution Section IV/II0495-28831398289940573ae4kwa2@gmail.com
AEE Peruvannamuzhi H/W Sub Dn• AEE Peruvannamuzhi H/W Sub Dn8547638300hwsdpmuzhi@gmail.com
AE, HW Sub Dn. Peruvannamuzhy• AE, HW Sub Dn. Peruvannamuzhy8547605758
Project Division, Kozhikkode
Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Kozhikode• Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Kozhikode0495-23702208547638057projectkkd@gmail.com
Head Draughtsman• Head Draughtsman8547638487projectkkd@gmail.com
AEE I• AEE I8547638485projectkkd@gmail.com
AEE II• AEE II8547638486projectkkd@gmail.com
AE I• AE I8547638488projectkkd@gmail.com
AE II• AE II8547638489projectkkd@gmail.com
AE III• AE III8547638490projectkkd@gmail.com
AEIV• AEIV8547638491projectkkd@gmail.com
AE V• AE V8547638492projectkkd@gmail.com
AE VI• AE VI8547638493projectkkd@gmail.com
KSUDP Division, Kozhikkode
Executive Engineer, KSUDP Dn., Kozhikode• Executive Engineer, KSUDP Dn., Kozhikode8547638502ksudpapmkkd@gmail.com
AEE, KUDP, Calicut• AEE, KUDP, Calicut8547638568ksudpapmkkd@gmail.com
AE, KSUDP, KWA Kozhikkode• AE, KSUDP, KWA Kozhikkode8547605708ksudpapmkkd@gmail.com
PH Division, Vatakara
Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Vadakara• Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Vadakara0496-25124748547638060vatakaraeekwa@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0496-25124748281597980vatakaraeekwa@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn Perambra• AEE, PH Sub Dn Perambra0496-26106088547638567aeephperambra@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Perambra• AE, PH Section, Perambra8547638570aekwaperambra@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Kuttiady• AE, PH Section, Kuttiady8547638571aekwaperambra@gmail.com
AEE WSP Sub Dn., Vadakara• AEE WSP Sub Dn., Vadakara0496-25127229496593222aeekwawspvtk@gmail.com
AE,WSP Section, Vadakara• AE,WSP Section, Vadakara8281597948aevatakara@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Purameri• AE, PH Section, Purameri0496-25502838547638572aekwapurameri@gmail.com
AEE, PH Sub Dn,Koyilandy• AEE, PH Sub Dn,Koyilandy0496-26204208547638568kwakoyilandysubdivision@gmail.com
AE, PH Section No.I, Koyilandy• AE, PH Section No.I, Koyilandy8289940575kwakoyilandyph1@gmail.com
AE, PH Section No.II, Koyilandy• AE, PH Section No.II, Koyilandy8547638569kwakoyilandyph2@gmail.com
PH Division, Sultan Bathery
Executive Engineer,PH Dn., Sulthanbathery• Executive Engineer,PH Dn., Sulthanbathery04936-2204228547638058kwaphdsby@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant04936-2204228547638495kwaphdsby@gmail.com
AEE PH Sub Dn., Sulthan Bathery• AEE PH Sub Dn., Sulthan Bathery04936-2204228547638520aeekwaphsdsby@gmail.com
AE,PH Section., Sulthan Bathery• AE,PH Section., Sulthan Bathery8547638496kwaphssby@gmail.com
AE PH Section.,Mananthavady• AE PH Section.,Mananthavady04936-2662398547638497aekwaphsmndy@gmail.com
AEE,PH Sub Dn., Kalpetta• AEE,PH Sub Dn., Kalpetta04936-2025948547638519aeekalpetta@gmail.com
AE, PH Section. I, Kalpetta• AE, PH Section. I, Kalpetta8547638498ae1kalpetta@gmail.com
AE PH Section. II, Kalpetta• AE PH Section. II, Kalpetta8547638499ae2kalpetta@gmail.com
PH Circle, Malappuram
Superintending Engineer ,PH Circle, Malppuram• Superintending Engineer ,PH Circle, Malppuram0483-27348718547638028sekwamlpm@gmail.com
PA to SE,Malppuram• PA to SE,Malppuram8547638424sekwamlpm@gmail.com
PH Division, Malappuram
Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Malappuram• Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Malappuram0483-27348918547638062eekwamlpm@gmail.com  
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0483-27348918547638171eekwamlpm@gmail.com  
AEE PH Sub Dn., Malapuram• AEE PH Sub Dn., Malapuram0483-27348578547638398kwasubmpm@gmail.com 
AE PH Sn. No. l, Malappuram• AE PH Sn. No. l, Malappuram8547638402aephs1mpm@gmail.com 
AE PH Sn No. lI, Malappuram• AE PH Sn No. lI, Malappuram8547638403phs2mpm@gmail.com
AE PH Sn Kondotty• AE PH Sn Kondotty0483-27121008547638404kwakondotty@gmail.com 
AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Manjeri• AEE, PH Sub Dn.,Manjeri0483-27661018547638399aeekwamji@gmail.com 
AE, PH Section, Nilambur• AE, PH Section, Nilambur8289940576aephnilambur@gmail.com
AE PH Sn Manjeri• AE PH Sn Manjeri8547638405aephmanjeri@gmail.com
AE PH Sn Areacode• AE PH Sn Areacode8547638406aeareacode.kwasection@gmail.com
AEE,PH Sub Dn., Parappanangadi• AEE,PH Sub Dn., Parappanangadi0494-24112978547638401aeeparappanangadi@gmail.com 
AE PH Sn Tirurangadi• AE PH Sn Tirurangadi8547638397aekwatirurangadi@gmail.com
Assistant Engr, PH Secn, Parapanangadi, Malappuram• Assistant Engr, PH Secn, Parapanangadi, Malappuram8289940595aekwaparappanangadi@gmail.com
AEE PH Sub Dn.,Perinthalmanna• AEE PH Sub Dn.,Perinthalmanna04933-2272608547638400kwapmna@gmail.com 
AE PH Sn Perinthalmanna• AE PH Sn Perinthalmanna8547638408aekwapmna@gmail.com
AE Mankada• AE Mankada8289940603aemankadakwa@gmail.com 
AE PH Sn Wandoor• AE PH Sn Wandoor8547638407kwawndr@gmail.com
PH Division, Edappal
Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Edappal• Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Edappal0494-26802158547638061 eekwaedappal1@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0494-26802158547638410 eekwaedappal1@gmail.com
AEE, PH SubDn., Tirur• AEE, PH SubDn., Tirur0494-24220088547638412 aeekwatirur@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Tirur• AE,PH Section, Tirur8547638414 aekwatirursection@gmail.com
AE PH Section Kottakkal• AE PH Section Kottakkal0483-27426708281597967 aekwakottakkal@gmail.com
AEE, PH SubDn., Ponnani• AEE, PH SubDn., Ponnani0494-26662418547638411phsubdivisionponnani@gmail.com
AE PH. Sn. Ponnani• AE PH. Sn. Ponnani0494-26662418547605756 aephsectionponnani@gmail.com
AE,PH Section, Edappal• AE,PH Section, Edappal8547638413aekwaedappal@gmail.com
Project Division, Malappuram
Executive Engineer, Project Division, Malappuram0483-27348568547638059eekwampm@gmail.com
AEE I0483-27348608547638394eekwampm@gmail.com
Assistant Engr-I(1), Proj Dn,Malappuram8289940609eekwampm@gmail.com
Assistant Engr-II(1), Proj Dn,Malappuram8289940612eekwampm@gmail.com
AEE II8547638395eekwampm@gmail.com
Assistant Engr-I(2), Proj Dn,Malappuram8289940610eekwampm@gmail.com
Assistant Engr-II(2), Proj Dn,Malappuram8289940613eekwampm@gmail.com
AEE III8547638396eekwampm@gmail.com
Assistant Engr-I(3), Proj Dn,Malappuram8289940611eekwampm@gmail.com
Assistant Engr-II(3), Proj Dn,Malappuram8289940614eekwampm@gmail.com
PH Circle, Kannur
Superintending Engineer, PH Circle,Kannur• Superintending Engineer, PH Circle,Kannur0497-27059028547638025sephcknr@gmail.com
PA to Superintending Engineer• PA to Superintending Engineer0497-27059028547638038sephcknr@gmail.com
Head Draughtsman• Head Draughtsman8547605716sephcknr@gmail.com
Accounts Officer• Accounts Officer8547638249
WS Division, Kannur
Executive Engineer,WSDn., Kannur• Executive Engineer,WSDn., Kannur0497-27068378547638041eephkannur@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0497-27068378547638273eephkannur@gmail.com
AEE, WS SubDn,Kannur• AEE, WS SubDn,Kannur0497-27070808547638274kwawssdnknr@gmal.com
AE WS Section No.3, Kannur• AE WS Section No.3, Kannur0497-27070808547638275aewssection3knr@gmail.com
AE, WS Section No.II, Kannur• AE, WS Section No.II, Kannur0497-27070808289940522aekwasec2knr@gmail.com
AE, HW Section, Chavasseryparamb• AE, HW Section, Chavasseryparambaehwschavassery@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Dn,Thalassery• AEE, WS Sub Dn,Thalassery0490-23432078547638283aeewstly@gmail.com
AE, WS Section, Thalassery• AE, WS Section, Thalassery0490-23419248547638284aewstly@gmail.com
AE,WS Section, Kuthuparamba• AE,WS Section, Kuthuparamba0490-23634078547638285aewskpba@gmail.com
AE, WS Section, Keezhallur• AE, WS Section, Keezhallur0490-23088248281597970aewskzlr@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Dn Mattannur• AEE, WS Sub Dn Mattannur0490-24730098547638281wsmattanur@gmai.com
AE, WS Section, Mattannur• AE, WS Section, Mattannur0490-24730098547638287aemattanurae@gmail.com
AE,WS Section, Kolachery• AE,WS Section, Kolachery0490-22403588547638288kwasectionkolachery@gmail.com
AE,WS Section, Chavasseryparamba• AE,WS Section, Chavasseryparamba0497-24717448547605725aechavassery@gmail.com
AEE, WS Sub Division Perlassery• AEE, WS Sub Division Perlassery0497-28285868547638270axeperalassery@gmail.com
AE, WS Section - I Perlassery• AE, WS Section - I Perlassery0497-28285868547638271ae1peralassery@gmail.com
AE, WS Section - II Perlassery• AE, WS Section - II Perlassery0497-28285868547638272ae2peralassery@gmail.com
WS Division, Thaliparamba
Executive Engineer,WSDn., ThaliparambaExecutive Engineer,WSDn., Thaliparamba0460-22032308547638301eewsdntpba@gmail.com
Technical Assistant, WSDn., ThaliparambaTechnical Assistant, WSDn., Thaliparamba0460-22032308289940531eewsdntpba@gmail.com
AEE, WS SubDivision,Thaliparamba• AEE, WS SubDivision,Thaliparamba0460-22031878547638278aeewstaliparamba@gmail.com
AE, WS Section Thaliparamba• AE, WS Section Thaliparamba0460-22047008547638279aekwatpba@gmail,com
AE, WS Section Kalliasery• AE, WS Section Kalliasery0497-27813188547638304aekalliassery@gmail.com
AEE, WS SubDivision, Payyannur• AEE, WS SubDivision, Payyannur04985-2074808547638303aeewspnr@gmail.com
AE, WS Section, Payyannur• AE, WS Section, Payyannur04985-2074808547638280aewspnr@gmail.com
AE, WS Section, Pilathara• AE, WS Section, Pilathara0497-28008538547638263kwawspilathara@gmail.com
AEE, H/W SubDivision, Irikkur• AEE, H/W SubDivision, Irikkur0460-22575118547638302aeehwsdikr@gmail.com
AE, WS Section , Irikkur• AE, WS Section , Irikkur0460-22575118289940523aeehwsdikr@gmail.com
AE, HW Section, Irikkur• AE, HW Section, Irikkur0460-2257511aeehwsdikr@gmail.com
Project Division, Mattannur
Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Mattannur• Executive Engineer, Project Dn., Mattannur0490-24717098547638040eemattanur@gmail.com
AEE Project Sub Dn. Mattannur• AEE Project Sub Dn. Mattannur8547638267eemattanur@gmail.com
AE Project Section, Mattannur• AE Project Section, Mattannur8547638269eemattanur@gmail.com
Project Division, Kannur
Executive Engineer, Project Division, Kannur• Executive Engineer, Project Division, Kannur0497-27046808547638039eeprojectkannur@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant0497-27046808547638257eeprojectkannur@gmail.com
AEE, Proj.Sub Dn, Kuthuparamba• AEE, Proj.Sub Dn, Kuthuparamba0490-23646708547638264eeprojectkannur@gmail.com
AE Project Section I, Kuthuparamba• AE Project Section I, Kuthuparamba8547638265eeprojectkannur@gmail.com
AE Project Section II, Kuthuparamba• AE Project Section II, Kuthuparamba8547638266eeprojectkannur@gmail.com
AEE, Proj. Sub Dn, Payyannur• AEE, Proj. Sub Dn, Payyannur04985-2039528547638261eeprojectkannur@gmail.com
AE Project Section I,Payyannur• AE Project Section I,Payyannur8547638262eeprojectkannur@gmail.com
AEE, Proj. Sub Dn, Uppala• AEE, Proj. Sub Dn, Uppala04994-2557678547638258eeprojectkannur@gmail.com
AE Project Section Manjeswaram• AE Project Section Manjeswaram8547605729eeprojectkannur@gmail.com
AE Project Section Uppala• AE Project Section Uppala8547638260eeprojectkannur@gmail.com
P H Division, Kasargod
Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Kasargod• Executive Engineer, PH Dn., Kasargod04994-2564118547001230kwaksd14@gmail.com
Techncial Assistant• Techncial Assistant04994-2564118547638250kwaksd14@gmail.com
AEE, WSP Sub Dn. Kasaragod• AEE, WSP Sub Dn. Kasaragod04994-2555448547638251aeeksd14@gmail.com
AE, WSP Kasaragod• AE, WSP Kasaragod8547638252aekwaksd14@gmail.com
AE, WSP Bovikkanam• AE, WSP Bovikkanam8547638253aebovikanam@gmail.com
AE, WSP Kumbala• AE, WSP Kumbala8547638254aekumbala123@gmail.com
AEE, Ws Sub Dn. Kanhangad• AEE, Ws Sub Dn. Kanhangad0467-22040808547638255aeekanhangad@gmail.com
AE, WS Section Kanhangad• AE, WS Section Kanhangad8547638256aekanhangad@gmail.com
AE, PH Section, Cheruvathur• AE, PH Section, Cheruvathur0467-22601808289940521kwachv@gmail.com
State referal Institute
Executive Engineer, AQUASRI0484-27022788547638076
AEE - I, Nettoor8547638169
AEE - II, Nettoor8547605718
AE, Dist. Lab Painavu8547638131
AE , Nettoor8547638170
AE - I, Nettoor8547605720
AE - II, Nettoor8547605719
AEE QC Sub Dn, Thrissur0487-23383808547638577
AE - I QC, Thrissur8547605726
AE - II QC, Thrissur8547605727
QC Division, Thiruvananthapuram
Executive Engineer (QC Dn. - TVPM)0471-23291058547638079eeqcdtvm@gmail.com
AEE (QC SubDn. - TVPM)0471-27353038547638124
AEE (QC SubDn. - Thiruvalla)0469-26008338547638125
AE (QC SubDn. - TVPM)8547638117
AE (QCDL. - Kollam)0474-27665158547638118
AE (QCDL. - Alappuzha)0477-22466508547638119
AE (QCDL. -Tiruvalla)8547638120
AE (QCDL. - Kottayam)0481-23023918547638122
QC Division, Kozhikkode
Executive Engineer, QC Dn., Kozhikode0495-23745708547638573waterqualitykkd@gmail.com
AEE, QC Sub Dn, Trichur8547638577
AE-1,Quality Control Dn., Kozhikode8289940564
AE-2,Quality Control Dn., Kozhikode8289940565
AE, QC District Lab, Kalpetta04936-2022728289940566
AE, QC District Lab, Kasargod04994-2557918289940567
AE, QC District Lab, Malappuram8289940568
AE, QC Sub Dn., Kannur8289940569
Assistant Engr, QC Dn, Palakkad0491-25455508289940594
AE-1,Quality Control Dn., Thrissur8547605726
AE-2,Quality Control Dn., Thrissur8547605727
Sl NoCircleDivisionSub DivisionSectionDesignationNameMobile Number
1ThiruvananthapuramSewerage division PattoorNorth PattoorMedical collegeD Man Gr1SUJA V S9188958500
2Sewerage division PattoorNorth PattoorMedical collegeOverseer Gr.IIIMINI K9188958501
3Sewerage division PattoorNorth PattoorSasthamangalamD Man Gr1AKHIL SANKAR9188958502
4Sewerage division PattoorNorth PattoorSasthamangalamOverseer Gr.IIIANIL KUMAR9188958503
5Sewerage division PattoorNorth Pattoorproject plamooduD Man Gr1CHITHRA S9188958504
6Sewerage division PattoorNorth Pattoorproject plamooduDman Gr.IISINDHU S9188958505
7Sewerage division PattoorNorth Pattoorproject plamooduDman Gr.IIRETHISH G9188958506
8Sewerage division PattoorSouth Kuriyathisetion 1 kuriyathiD Man Gr1SUDARSANA KUMAR9188958507
9Sewerage division PattoorSouth Kuriyathisetion 1 kuriyathiOverseer Gr.IIIVISHNU B S9188958508
10Sewerage division PattoorSouth Kuriyathisetion 2 kuriyathiD Man Gr1JOYTHOMAS9188958509
11Sewerage division PattoorSouth Kuriyathisetion 2 kuriyathiDman Gr.IIISHAJI S9188958510
12W D Division AttingalWS Sub Dn AtlWS Section 1 AtlOverseer Gr.IIBinu Babu9188958511
13W D Division AttingalWS Sub Dn AtlWS Section 1 AtlOverseer Gr.IIIDeepa S9188958512
14W D Division AttingalWS Sub Dn AtlWS Section 2 AtlOverseer Gr.IIIKairali O S9188958513
15W D Division AttingalWS Sub Dn AtlWS Section 2 AtlOverseer Gr.IIDilkumar9188958514
16W D Division AttingalWS Sub Dn AtlWS Section 2AtlOverseer Gr.IIIAnand V T9188958515
17W D Division AttingalWS Sub Dn VakWS Section 1VarkalaOverseer Gr.3Maya AL9188958516
18W D Division AttingalWS Sub Dn VakWS Section 1VarkalaD,Man IISatheesh kumar S9188958517
19W D Division AttingalWS Sub Dn VakWS Section 2VarkalaOverseer Gr 3Nija Prasannan9188958518
20W D Division AttingalWS Sub Dn VakWS Section 2VarkalaOverseer Gr 3Salini G9188958519
21W S Division neyyatinkaraWS Sub Dn kanjiramkulamWS Section kanjiramkulamOverseer Gr.IISamuel Thomas9188958520
22W S Division neyyatinkaraWS Sub Dn kanjiramkulamWS Section kanjiramkulamOverseer Gr.IIIBiju R9188958521
23W S Division neyyatinkaraWS Sub Dn kanjiramkulamWS Section kanjiramkulamOverseer Gr.IIIBindhu L9188958522
24W S Division neyyatinkaraWS Sub Dn kanjiramkulamWS Section kanjiramkulamOverseer Gr.IIIBindhu D.S9188958523
25W S Division neyyatinkaraWS Sub Dn kanjiramkulamWS Section aralumooduOverseer Gr.IIIPushpaleela T.G9188958524
26W S Division neyyatinkaraWS Sub Dn kanjiramkulamWS Section aralumooduOverseer Gr.IIIPriya R.T9188958525
27HW Dn, AruvikkaraNedumangadNedumangadD'Man Gr IIRoji9188958526
28HW Dn, AruvikkaraNedumangadNedumangadOverseer GrIIILalwin V9188958527
29HW Dn, AruvikkaraNedumangadNedumangadOverseer GrIIIRagila S9188958528
30HW Dn, AruvikkaraNedumangadAryanadD'Man Gr IISajikumari9188958529
31HW Dn, AruvikkaraNedumangadAryanadD'Man Gr IIMohana Singh9188958530
32HW Dn, AruvikkaraNedumangadKallaraD'Man Gr IIAnwar Sadath9188958531
33HW Dn, AruvikkaraNedumangadKallaraOverseer GrIIIShyla beevi A9188958532
34HW Dn, AruvikkaraNedumangadPalodeOverseer GrIIIRagesh B C9188958533
35HW Dn, AruvikkaraNedumangadPalodeOverseer GrIIIBijuraj9188958534
36PH Division SouthHead Quarters Sub DivisionFilter House SectionD'Man Gr IRemesh. N9188958535
37PH Division SouthHead Quarters Sub DivisionFilter House SectionOverseer GrIIISheeba. R. S9188958536
38PH Division SouthHead Quarters Sub DivisionHead Quarters SectionOverseer GrIIIAnil TK9188958537
39PH Division SouthHead Quarters Sub DivisionHead Quarters SectionOverseer GrIIIPreetha I J9188958538
40PH Division SouthWater Works South Sub Division KuriathyWater Works Section KuriathyOverseer GrIIIPriya C K9188958539
41PH Division SouthWater Works South Sub Division KuriathyWater Works Section ThiruvallomOverseer GrIIIAmalraj P9188958540
42PH Division SouthWater Works South Sub Division KuriathyWater Works Section KuriathyDraughtsman Gr-IIMuhammed Salim H9188958541
43PH Division SouthWater Works South Sub Division KuriathyWater Works Section KuriathyDraughtsman Gr-IISowmya M S9188958542
44PH Division SouthWater Works South Sub Division KuriathyWater Works Section ThiruvallomDraughtsman Gr-IIGirish Kumar S9188958543
46PH Division SouthWW East Sub Division, PTPWW Sn KaramanaOverseer Gr IIILekha AC9188958545
47PH Division SouthWW East Sub Division, PTPWW Sn KaramanaOverseer Gr IIISughatha kumar9188958546
48PH Division SouthWW East Sub Division, PTPWW Sn KaramanaD'Man Gr IIBiju kumar S9188958547
49PH Division SouthWW East Sub Division, PTPWW Sn ThirumalaD'Man Gr IRobinson9188958548
50PH Division SouthWW East Sub Division, PTPWW Sn ThirumalaD'Man Gr ISuresh Bhasi9188958549
51PH Division SouthWW East Sub Division, PTPWW Sn ThirumalaOverseer GrIIIRaji S9188958550
52KollamKottarakaraP H Sub Division, KadakkalP H Section, MadatharaDraftsman Gr.IPrasad.V9188958551
53KottarakaraW.S.Subdivision, PunalurW.S.Section ,PathanapuramOverseer Gr. 1John J Sam9188958552
54KottarakaraW.S.Subdivision, PunalurW.S.Section ,PathanapuramDraftsman Gr - IIPradeesh Kumar. G9188958553
55KottarakkaraP.H Sub Division, KottarakaraKundaraOverseer Grade IJyothy. J9188958554
56KottarakakraValakomValakomOverseer Gr- IIIBindhu. S9188958556
57P. H. Division, KollamW.S.Subdivision, KollamW.S.Section 1, KollamDraftsman Gr.IIHemand.S9188958557
58P. H. Division, KollamW.S.Subdivision, KollamW.S.Section 3, KollamDraftsman Gr.IIAnithakumary S9188958558
59P. H. Division, KollamPH SubdivisionPH Section, KottiyamOverseer Gr- IIILatha T9188958559
60P. H. Division, KollamW.S.Subdivision, KollamW.S.Section II, KollamDraftsman Gr.IIISmitha K9188958560
61P. H. Division, KollamPH Subdivision, ChavaraPH Section , OachiraDraftsman Gr.IIShahidha9188958561
62P. H. Division, KollamPH Subdivision, ChavaraPH Section , OachiraOverseer Gr- IIIPremnath9188958562
63P. H. Division, KollamPH Subdivision, ChavaraPH Section , OachiraOverseer Gr- IIIThara9188958563
64P. H. Division, KollamWS Sub Division
WS Section No.IOverseer Gr- IIIKavitha rajan9188958564
65P. H. Division, KollamWS Sub Division
WS Section No.IOverseer Gr- IIIHema.R9188958565
66P. H. Division, KollamWS Sub Division
WS Section No.IID'man Gr.ISyamkumar.S9188958566
67Kottayam P H Division KottayamP H Sub Division KottayamWater Works Section No :1 KottayamOverseer Gr IIIVigi V G9188958568
68P H Division KottayamW S P Sub Division PalaP H Section PalaOverseer Gr IIIAnushankar K S9188958569
69P H Division KottayamP H Sub Division PonkunnamP HSection PonkunnamD' Man Gr IIRanjith V K9188958570
70P H Division KottayamP H Sub Division PonkunnamP H Section PonkunnamOverseer Gr IIISubha Das9188958571
71P H Division KottayamP H Sub Division PonkunnamP H Section MundakayamOverseer Gr IIIAnilkumar E K9188958572
72PathananthittaP H DivisionThiruvallaP H Sub Division ThiruvallaP H Section ThiruvallaOverseer grade lllSuja.R9188958573
73P H DivisionThiruvallaP H Subdivision MallapallyP H Section PulladOverseer grade lllLipin.T.Rajan9188958574
74P H DivisionThiruvallaP H Subdivision EdathuaP H Section EdathuaOverseer grade lllBindhu.P9188958575
75AlappuzhaP.H Division AlapuzhaWSP Sub Div HarippadP.H.Section, HaripadOverseer.Gr.IIIRajasree.J9188958576
76P.H Division AlapuzhaWSP Sub Div HarippadP.H.Section, HaripadDraftsman Gr.ISunil Kuttan9188958577
77P.H Division AlapuzhaWSP Sub Div HarippadP.H.Section, KayamkulamDraftsman Gr.ISheeba.A9188958578
78P.H Division AlapuzhaWSP Sub Div HarippadP.H.Section, KayamkulamOverseer.Gr.IIShoba.P9188958579
79P.H Division AlapuzhaP.H Sub Division, CherthalaPH Section, CherthalaD'Man Gr. IIPrakash P T9188958580
80P.H Division AlapuzhaP.H Sub Division, CherthalaPH Section, CherthalaOverseer Gr. IIIJyothimol P K9188958581
81P.H Division AlapuzhaP.H Sub Division, CherthalaPH Section, CherthalaOverseer Gr. IIISajithakumari R9188958582
82P.H Division AlapuzhaP.H Sub Division, CherthalaPH Section, CherthalaOverseer Gr. IIISeetha P9188958583
83P.H Division AlapuzhaP.H Sub Division, CherthalaPH Section, ThuravurD'Man Gr. IIAnoop K B9188958584
84P.H Division AlapuzhaP.H Sub Division, CherthalaPH Section, ThuravurOverseer Gr. IIISajeendran C T9188958586
85P.H Division AlapuzhaP.H Sub Division, AlapuzhaP.H Section, AlapuzhaOverseer Gr. IBindu T9188958587
86P.H Division AlapuzhaP.H Sub Division, AlapuzhaP.H Section, AlapuzhaOverseer Gr. IIIJacob P J9188958588
87P.H Division AlapuzhaP.H Sub Division, AlapuzhaWSP Section, AlapuzhaOverseer Gr. IIISumesh N9188958589
88P.H Division AlapuzhaP.H Sub Division, AlapuzhaWSP Section, AlapuzhaOverseer Gr. IISeena V Joy9188958590
89P.H Division AlapuzhaHW Sub Division, ThaikkattusseryP.H Section, ThaikkattusseryOverseer Gr.IIISreeja G Unni S9188958591
90P.H Division AlapuzhaWSP Sub Division, MavelikkaraP.H Section, ChenganoorOverseer Gr.IIIAnithakumary9188958592
91P.H Division AlapuzhaWSP Sub Division, MavelikkaraP.H Section, ChenganoorOverseer Gr.IIISobha9188958593
92P.H Division AlapuzhaWSP Sub Division, MavelikkaraP.H Section, ChenganoorOverseer Gr.IISethunath9188958594
93P.H Division AlapuzhaWSP Sub Division, MavelikkaraP.H Section MavelikkaraOverseer Gr.IIISreejitha9188958595
94P.H Division AlapuzhaWSP Sub Division, MavelikkaraP.H Section MavelikkaraOverseer Gr.IIIShylaja9188958596
95P.H Division AlapuzhaWSP Sub Division, MavelikkaraP.H Section MavelikkaraOverseer Gr.IIIBeena KJ9188958597
96KochiAluvaVadakkekkaraNedumbasseryOverseer GrIIIBenny KP9188958598
97AluvaVadakkekkaraNedumbasseryOverseer GrIIIPrabheesh KK9188958599
98AluvaP H S D AngamalyP H Sn AngamalyOverseer Gr.IIIDivya P R9188958600
99AluvaAluvaPipeline SectionOverseer Gr IIIMuhammed Thaha K M9188958601
100AluvaAluvaPH Section No IIOverseer Gr IIIJeena K V9188958602
102AluvaPerumbavoorKunnathunaduOverseer Gr IIIJisha Baby9188958604
103AluvaHW subdivisionHW sectionOverseer Gr IIIShabeenamol.C.M9188958605
104AluvaHW subdivisionHW sectionOverseer Gr IIINisha.K.V9188958606
105AluvaHW subdivisionHW ElectricalOverseer Gr IIKishorelal K.N9188958607
106AluvaHW subdivisionHW ElectricalOverseer Gr IINevin K.A9188958608
107AluvaHW subdivisionHW shiftAEJain P G9188958609
108P H KochiW.W.Kochi-16W.W Sec.1Overseer Gr IIIRenjitha K.S9188958610
109P H KochiW.W.Kochi-16W.W Sec.1Overseer Gr IIISanthi D' Costa9188958611
110P H KochiW.W.Kochi-16W.W Sec.2D'man Gr IIJisha John P9188958612
111P H KochiW.W.Kochi-16W.W Sec.3Overseer Gr IIIPratheesh T.G9188958613
112P H KochiW.W.Kochi-16W.W Sec.3Overseer Gr IIIDivya M.Nair9188958614
113P H KochiSewerageCentral store(Nettore)Overseer Gr IIIVipinkumar K.V9188958615
114P H KochiSewerageDrainageOverseer Gr IIIBisinee S9188958616
115P H KochiW.W KaloorW.W Sec.1Overseer Gr IIISheeda T.N9188958617
116P H KochiW.W KaloorW.W Sec.2Overseer Gr IIISheeja John V9188958618
117P H KochiW.W VyttilaW.W Sec.1D'man Gr IIManjunath B9188958619
118P H KochiW.W VyttilaW.W Sec.2D'man Gr IIJoseph Christopher T.X9188958620
119P H KochiW.W VyttilaW.W Sec.2Overseer Gr IIIRejani Muiyil9188958621
120P H KochiW.W VyttilaW.W Sec.2Overseer Gr IIISyam Kumar M P9188958622
121P H KochiW.W KaruvelippadyW.W Sec.1D'man Gr IIRajeev M9188958623
122P H KochiW.W KaruvelippadyW.W Sec.2D'man Gr IIAnil Kumar M9188958624
123P H KochiW.W KaruvelippadyW.W Sec.2D'man Gr IIMetilda P.L9188958625
124P H KochiW.W KaruvelippadyW.W Sec.3D'man Gr IShybi Thomas D9188958626
125P H KochiW.W KaruvelippadyW.W Sec.3D'man Gr IILovely M A9188958627
126W S KochiW S S D N.ParavurMuppathadamOverseer Gr.IIISHAMLA.P.M.9188958628
127W S KochiW S S D N.ParavurNarakkalOverseer Gr.IIISHEEJA.P.M.9188958629
128W S KochiW S S D N.ParavurNarakkalOverseer Gr.IIIPRATHEESH KUMAR.M.A.9188958630
129W S KochiW S S D N.ParavurNarakkalD'man Gr IIVINEETHA.T.G.9188958631
130W S KochiW S S D N.ParavurNarakkalD'man Gr IIGEORGE ROLLY.C.A.9188958632
131MuvattupuzhaMuvattupuzhaMuvattupuzhaMuvattupuzhaOverseer Gr IIIShaini Joseph C9188958633
132MuvattupuzhaMuvattupuzhaVazhakulamOverseer Gr IIIRemya PR9188958634
133MuvattupuzhaMuvattupuzhaVazhakulamOverseer Gr IIISainaba NN9188958635
134ThodupuzhaThodupuzhaThodupuzha No IElectrical Overseer Gr IIBasi Mathew9188958636
135ThodupuzhaPainavuDevikulamDraftsman Gr IIJayesh K R9188958637
136Project Division KattappanaElapparaOverseer Gr IIIBiju Joseph9188958638
137ThrissurThrissurWater Works SubDnThrissurWW Sn No.1,ThrissurD'man Gr1Suja Vijayan Thindiyath9188958639
138ThrissurWater Works SubDnThrissurWW Sn No.1,ThrissurD'Man Gr.2Shojomon Francis9188958640
139ThrissurWater Works SubDnThrissurWW Sn No.1,ThrissurOverseer Gr.3Jayasree P A9188958641
140ThrissurWater Works SubDnThrissurWW Sn No.1,ThrissurOverseer Gr.3Dhanya Joy A9188958642
141ThrissurWater Works SubDnThrissurWW Sn No.1,ThrissurOverseer Gr.3Meettu K Girijan9188958643
142ThrissurWater Works SubDnThrissurWW Sn No.2,ThrissurD'Man Gr.2Shibu K S9188958644
143ThrissurWater Works SubDnThrissurP H Section ,PeechiD'Man Gr.2Abhilash N D9188958645
144ThrissurPH Sub Division, GuruvayurP H Section ,KunnamkulamD'man Gr2Seena jose C9188958646
145ThrissurPH Sub Division, GuruvayurP H Section ,Kunnamkulam9188958647
146ThrissurPH Sub Division, GuruvayurP H Section ,GuruvayurD/Man Gr 1Sijo Joeseph9188958648
147ThrissurPH Sub Division, GuruvayurP H Section ,GuruvayurD/Man Gr 2Anu C P9188958649
148ThrissurPH Sub Division, GuruvayurP H Section ,ThrithalaD/Man Gr 1Shemy V M9188958650
149ThrissurPH Sub Division, GuruvayurP H Section ,ThrithalaD/Man Gr 2Ajeesh E P9188958651
150ThrissurPH Sub Division, GuruvayurP H Section ,ThrithalaOverseer Gr.3Asha Thomas9188958652
151IrinjalakudaWSP Subdivision ChalakudyWSP Section No.1 ChalakudyOverseer Gr.IIISandhya K V9188958653
152IrinjalakudaWSP Subdivision ChalakudyWSP Section No.1 ChalakudyOverseer Gr.IIILisha C N9188958654
153IrinjalakudaWSP Subdivision ChalakudyP H Section No: II, ChalakudyOverseer Gr IIIRAJI A N9188958655
154IrinjalakudaP.H.Sub Division, IrinjalakudaP.H Section. IrinjalakudaOverseer Gr.IIISwathi.N.V9188958656
155IrinjalakudaP.H.Sub Division, IrinjalakudaP.H Section. IrinjalakudaOverseer Gr.IIIBhashimol P.B.9188958657
156IrinjalakudaP.H.Sub Division, IrinjalakudaP.H Section. CherpuOverseer Gr.IIIMini Kumari K M9188958658
157IrinjalakudaP.H.Sub Division, NattikaP.H.Section VatanappillyD/Man Gr ISANDHYA K P9188958659
158IrinjalakudaP.H.Sub Division, NattikaP.H.Section VatanappillyD/Man Gr IILEENA N L9188958660
159IrinjalakudaP.H.Sub Division, NattikaP.H.Section VatanappillyOverseer Gr IIIVacant9188958661
160IrinjalakudaP.H.Sub Division, NattikaP.H.Section VatanappillyOverseer Gr IIIVacant9188958662
161IrinjalakudaP.H.Sub Division, NattikaP.H.Section, MathilakamOverseer Gr IIIRAMYA T S9188958663
162IrinjalakudaP.H.Sub Division, NattikaP.H.Section, MathilakamOverseer Gr IIIVacant9188958664
163IrinjalakudaP.H. Sub Division MalaP.H.Section MalaOverseer Gr IIIRemya Sivan9188958665
164IrinjalakudaP.H Subdivision MalaP.H Section KodungallurOverseer Gr.3Shaleesh.P.K9188958667
165IrinjalakudaP.H Subdivision MalaP.H Section KodungallurOverseer Gr.3Greeshma.V.R9188958668
166ThrissurP H Subdivision WadakkancheryWSP Section WadakkancheryOversear Gr IISini N S9188958669
167ThrissurP H Subdivision WadakkancheryWSP Section WadakkancheryOverseer Gr IIIAnitha Francis9188958670
168ThrissurP H Subdivision WadakkancheryWSP Section WadakkancheryOverseer Gr IIIRaji Bai T A9188958671
176PH Division ShornurP H Sub Division OttappalamP H Section OttappalamOVERSEER GRADEIIIRAMYA R9188958680
177PH Division ShornurP H Sub Division OttappalamP H Section OttappalamOVERSEER GRADEIIISUPRIYA P9188958681
178PH Division ShornurP H Sub Division OttappalamP H Section MannarkkadOVERSEER GRADEIIIAMBILY P B9188958682
179PH Division ShornurP H Sub Division OttappalamP H Section MannarkkadOVERSEER GRADEIIIBINDU BABY9188958683
180PH Division ShornurP H Sub Division OttappalamP H Section ChepulasseryOVERSEER GRADEIIIGOPAN9188958684
181KozhikodeP H Division Sulthan BatheryP H Sub Division Sulthan BatheryP H Section Sulthan BatheryOversear Gr IIINoble C J9188958685
182P H Division Sulthan BatheryP H Sub Division Sulthan BatheryP H Section ManathavadyDman Gr IISabu M Raju9188958687
183P H Division Sulthan BatheryP H Sub Division Sulthan BatheryP H Section ManathavadyD Man Gr IShiji N J9188958688
184P H Division Sulthan BatheryPH Sub Division KalpettaPH Section No IIOversear Gr IIIBaitha K B9188958689
185P H Division Sulthan BatheryPH Sub Division KalpettaPH Section No IOversear Gr IIIDeepa P9188958690
186PH Division VadakaraPH Sub Division KalpettaP H Section PerambraOversear Gr IIILovely9188958691
187PH Division VadakaraWSP Sub Division,VadakaWSP section ,VadakaraDman Gr IISaneesh Kumar TT9188958692
188PH Division VadakaraWSP Sub Division,VadakaPuameri SectionOversear Gr IIISarath VS9188958693
189PH Division VadakaraWSP Sub Division,VadakaPuameri SectionD Man Gr INandakumar V9188958694
190PH Division VadakaraPH sub divisin KoyilandKoyilandy Section 1Oversear Gr IYasir PP9188958695
191PH Division VadakaraPH sub divisin KoyilandKoyilandy Section 1Oversear Gr IIIGeethu PP9188958696
192PH Division VadakaraPH sub divisin KoyilandKoyilandy Section 2Oversear Gr IIIGagana N9188958697
193PH Division KozhikodeHead works Sub division KozhikodeHWS section MavoorDraughtsman Grade IShijudas.K9188958698
194PH Division KozhikodeHead works Sub division KozhikodeAugmentation and Medical College SectionDraughtsman Grade IISyed Yacoob9188958699
195PH Division KozhikodeHead works Sub division KozhikodeAugmentation and Medical College SectionOverseerGrade IIIShananl Prasad.K9188958700
196PH Division KozhikodeRWS Sub division KozhikodeKoduvally SectionDraughtsman Grade IIIqbal.K9188958701
197PH Division KozhikodeRWS Sub division KozhikodeKoduvally SectionOverseerGrade IIIByjesh S.K9188958702
198PH Division KozhikodeRWS Sub division KozhikodeKoduvally SectionOverseerGrade IIISujith.K9188958703
199PH Division KozhikodeRWS Sub division KozhikodeMalaparamba SectionDraughtsman Grade IISujith K.M9188958704
200PH Division KozhikodeRWS Sub division KozhikodeMalaparamba SectionDraughtsman Grade IIJasitha K9188958705
201PH Division KozhikodeRWS Sub division KozhikodeMalaparamba SectionOverseerGrade IIISupin K.T9188958706
202PH Division KozhikodeRWS Sub division KozhikodeBeypore SectionDraughtsman Grade IIRajeev.P9188958707
203PH Division KozhikodeDistribution Sub division No.ISection IOverseerGrade IIIRenilal.T.K9188958708
204PH Division KozhikodeDistribution Sub division No.ISection IIOverseerGrade IIIShoukathali.K9188958709
205PH Division KozhikodeDistribution Sub division No.ISection IIDraughtsman Grade IIBaiju.K9188958710
206PH Division KozhikodeDistribution Sub division No.ISection IIIOverseerGrade IIIIndu.M9188958711
207PH Division KozhikodeDistribution Sub division No.ISection IIIOverseerGrade IIIMuhammed Basheer.M9188958712
208PH Division KozhikodeDistribution Sub division No.IISection IDraughtsman Grade IIBiju P.M9188958713
209PH Division KozhikodeDistribution Sub division No.IIsection IIOverseerGrade IIIAnwar E.K9188958714
210PH Division KozhikodeDistribution Sub division No.IISection IIOverseerGrade IIIShalini E.K9188958715
211PH Division KozhikodeDistribution Sub division No.IISection IIIDraughtsman Grade IAnandan.T9188958716
212KannurWS Division KannurThalasserryThalasserryOverseer Grade IIIBiji.C9188958717
213WS Division KannurThalasserryThalasserryOverseer Grade IIIHafeefa9188958718
214WS Division KannurThalasserryThalasserryOverseer Grade IIIThasleem.C.O9188958719
215WS Division KannurThalasserryThalasserryOverseer Grade IISalma.V.D9188958720
216WS Division KannurThalasserryKuthuparambaOverseer Grade IIIDarshana.M.K9188958721
217WS Division KannurMattannurWS ChavasserryparambaOverseer Grade IIPrasad.P9188958722
218WS Division KannurKannurKannur Section No 3Overseer Grade IIISamshad.K9188958723
219WS Division KannurKannurKannur Section No 3Overseer Grade IIIVijesh.K9188958724
220WS Division KannurKannurKannur Section No 3Overseer Grade IIISreeja.K.M9188958725
221WS Division KannurKannurKannur Section No 2Overseer Grade IIIReetha.K.P9188958726
222WS Division KannurKannurKannur Section No 2Overseer Grade IIISajina.P.K9188958727
223WS Division KannurKannurKannur Section No 2Overseer Grade IINimya.V.K9188958728
224WS Division KannurPeralasserryPeralasserry Section 1Overseer Grade IIIRenuka.K9188958729
225TaliparambaPayyannurPilatharaOverseer Grade IIIRajagopalan M P9188958730
226TaliparambaTaliparambaTaliparambaOverseer Grade IIISreelekha S9188958731
227TaliparambaTaliparambaTaliparambaOverseer Grade IIIDhanya K V9188958732
228TaliparambaTaliparambaTaliparambaDman Grade IKrishnan M9188958733
229TaliparambaTaliparambaKallyasseriOverseer Grade IIIJeena M K9188958734
230TaliparambaIrikkurWSS IrikkurOverseer Grade IIIRajani A9188958735
231PH Division, KasaragodWSP Sub Division, KasaragodWSP Section, KasaragodOverseer Gr.IIIANUPAMA C9188958736
232PH Division, KasaragodWSP Sub Division, KasaragodWSP Section, KasaragodOverseer Gr.IIIMADHU B K9188958737
233PH Division, KasaragodWSP Sub Division, KasaragodWSP Section, BovikkanamOverseer Gr.IIINISHA ANNA SAVIOUR9188958738
234PH Division, KasaragodWSP Sub Division, KasaragodWSP Section, BovikkanamOverseer Gr.IIIREGI KUMAR V K9188958739
235PH Division, KasaragodWSP Sub Division, KasaragodPH Section, KumbalaDraftsman Gr.IIDEEJA K M9188958740
236PH Division, KasaragodPH Sub Division, KanhangadPH Section, KanhangadDraftsman Gr.IRAJAN K9188958741
237PH Division, KasaragodPH Sub Division, KanhangadPH Section, KanhangadDraftsman Gr.IISOUMYA A9188958742
238PH Division, KasaragodPH Sub Division, KanhangadPH Section, CheruvathurDraftsman Gr.ISUNIL KUMAR A9188958743
239PH Division, KasaragodPH Sub Division, KanhangadPH Section, CheruvathurOverseer Gr.IIISUSHAMA C S9188958744
240MalappuramPH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,MalappuramPH Section No:I,MalappuramD/Man Gr:IMohammed Salih.C9188958745
241PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,MalappuramPH Section No:II,MalappuramD/Man Gr:IIMohammed Niyas.P.P.9188958746
242PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,MalappuramPH Section No:II,MalappuramOverseer Gr:IIINajumudheen.K9188958747
243PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,MalappuramPH Section,KondottyD/Man Gr:IVishu Das.C9188958748
244PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,MalappuramPH Section,KondottyD/Man Gr:IISubramannian.N.T.9188958749
245PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,MalappuramPH Section,KondottyOverseer Gr:IIIJithesh.M9188958750
246PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,ManjeriPH Section,ManjeriD/Man Gr:IAbdussalam Karalikkadan9188958751
247PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,ManjeriPH Section,ManjeriOverseer Gr:IIIAshraf Palappatta9188958752
248PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,ManjeriPH Section,AreacodeD/Man Gr:IIThulasi.M9188958753
249PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,ManjeriPH Section,NilambureD/Man Gr:ISameer Kallan9188958754
250PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,ManjeriPH Section,NilambureOverseer Gr:IIIAhalya.M9188958755
251PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,ManjeriPH Section,MankadaD/Man Gr:IMuhammed Afsal.K.M.9188958756
252PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,PerinthalmannaPH Section,MankadaOverseer Gr:IIIUnnikrishnan.T.V.9188958757
253PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,PerinthalmannaPH Section,PerinthalmannaOverseer Gr:IIIJayasree.C9188958758
254PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,ParappanangadiPH Section,ParappanangadiOverseer Gr:IIIJayaraj Thekkepurakkal9188958759
255PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,ParappanangadiPH Section,ParappanangadiOverseer Gr:IIIMuhammed Salih Thottathil9188958760
256PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,ParappanangadiPH Section,TirurangadiOverseer Gr:IIIRemya Rajan.N9188958761
257PH Division,MalappuramPH Sub Division,ParappanangadiPH Section,TirurangadiOverseer Gr:IIIAbdu salam.K.K.9188958762

Kerala’s nodal agency for Drinking Water supply and Sewerage Services

Vellayambalam, Trivandrum
(10am - 05 pm)