WRD005-129-Project 4 – UWSS to Manjeri- Replacing old aged AC pipes with DI pipes of Manjeri MunicipalityExisting RWSS to Manjeri Muniiplality Intake well 8mtr at South putthalam OHSR 25LL capacity at Cherani Water Traetment Plant 12MLD at Cherani Raw water pumping main 400 CI 2350mtr Gravity 600mm DI 13. 5 KM Clear water sump cum booster at Cherani Total distribution from 600mm AC to 80mm Ac & PVC =150 KM ( Existing connection 9250) Annual Revenue @ 4 /KL Rs 100laks/ ( less revenue due to excessive loss in old AC distribution net work) Annual revenue expected to increase to 200 lakhs after completing this replacement

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