The Kerala Water Authority Engineering Staff Association was formed by a few energetic and spirited young men. It is now the largest representative body of the engineering employees in the Kerala Water Authority. Ever since its formation, the Association was working for preserving and strengthening the unity of civil servant, boosting up efficiency of civil service and for bettering the service conditions of the engineering employees. While we have been co operative with sister Association to fight against all anti labor elements and actions, we have also taken bold steps to prevent function and division of civil service on political motivation and ideology we believe and up hold that the primary function of service organization is to look after the interests of its member and thereby to serve the nation better for the Government machinery is not independent of its civil service. We also wish to impress on the Government that the objects of Government whatever be the political ideology, can be achieved only if the morale and efficiency of civil service is kept at high standard. For more details, please visit our

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