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കണക്ഷൻ വിഛേദിക്കൽ

Disconnection / Re – connection Water connections can be disconnected temporarily for a minimum period of  three months and a maximum period of 12 months as per the request of the consumers in the prescribed application form to the Assistant Executive Engineer along with the remittance of application fee, disconnection fee and all dues. Water […]
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കണക്ഷൻ മാറ്റം

Water Connection Alteration Inside Installation Inside installations means all the pipes, specials, valves, cocks, taps, other fittings and appurtenances laid beyond the water meter within the customers premises and shall include the service pipe and water connections also. Inside installations shall be laid only with prior sanction in accordance with the plan and specifications approved […]
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ഉടമസ്ഥാവകാശ മാറ്റം

Ownership Change Ownership of water connections can be changed when there is a change in ownership and shall be affected only based on written application in the prescribed form along with the Ownership certificate from the local body to the Assistant Executive Engineer. The change of ownership is allowed only after clearing all water charge […]
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പുതിയ കുടിവെള്ള കണക്ഷൻ

New Water Connection Application for domestic water connection shall submitted to Assistant engineer either directly or through a licensed plumber with original document in proof of ownership, residential certificate – issued by local body (if absence of these, produce EPIC/Aadhar/NPR shall be produce)Copy of ID Proof, Two stamped envelopes, Dimensional sketch of proposed connection and […]
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