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KWA readies to face summer 

The summer of 2017 was so harsh that even last year’s flood couldn't obliterate its memories. As the water level of Peppara dam – the sole drinking water source for Thiruvananthapuram city – hit rock bottom, Kerala Water Authority (KWA) had to pump water from Neyyar dam to maintain uninterrupted water supply in capital. This was the same story at many other places in 2017.
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Water authority to increase capacity of Aruvikkara dam

Thiruvananthapuram: The city residents are yet to forget the water scarcity they faced last summer. The Kerala water authority had to bring water from Neyyar dam to Aruvikkara through a canal to quench the thirst of the city.Though the city received abundant rain in the south west and north east monsoon seasons, KWA was unable to initiate adequate steps to store more water.Now, the KWA has initiated steps to conduct a pilot study to improve the capacity of Aruvikkara dam.

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Kerala Water Authority begins disconnection drive in Kozhikode

The drive was initiated to avoid revenue leakage and to improve income generation. The drive commenced under the four squads constituted under the officials in the KWA (PH division) Kozhikode and its three sub division offices of Sub division I, Sub division II and RW subdivision. The squads are headed...

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Kerala Water authority goes green

Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that state is heading for the most severe drought in its history. He was speaking after inaugurating the environment-friendly building (central control unit) of Kerala Water Authority at Vellayambalam. The CM also inaugurated Janamitra, an online monitoring facility by KWA for complaint redressal. “We haven’t...

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