Adaptive Research

1. Flow Failure Alert System [FFAS]

FFAS is an innovative technique developed by Sri Ajithkumar, HO KWA to alert Operating staff about any shortages in water to Treatment plants, if any due to leak or other causes in raw water pumping main so that immediate action can be taken. The innovative project has given a nod by KWA, when a prototype was demonstrated at Head Office in presence of the managing Director. The performance of the system was analyzed and found to be very effective and Authority decided to roll out the system at 29 major WTPs in KWA as an initial phase and the work completed successfully. It is planned to install the system in other WTP’s also.

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2. Chlorine Dosage Alert System (CDAS)

In Kerala Water Authority, chlorine gas is used in conjunction with bleaching powder for disinfection purposes.During the use of chlorine gas from tonners, the dosage is kept at the requisite level by regularly adjusting the feeding valves. Sri Ajithkumar, Head Operator, KWA, developed a system for monitoring the feed rate of chlorine gas which also senses the level of the float in the chlorinator and alerts the operator in case the feed rate changes. A pilot project has been done at Aruvikkara Water Treatment Plant. This system was found to be very useful, and Kerala Water Authority plans to implement it.

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