The Legal wing has a high degree of accountability and visibility within the organization. Organizational accountability is best optimized using the legal wing strategy and management approach.

To provide guidelines for making necessary legislation to protect the right of general public in getting uninterrupted water supply, being the paramount concern of the Authority.

Legal wing pursues excellence in its quality of services provided and maintains the highest standard of professional ethics and integrity.

The goal is to minimize litigations and ensure legal compliance efficiently, expeditiously, reliably and professionally in protecting the KWA’s interests.


The Legal Wing, shall be typically responsible to monitor the conduct of all Court Cases before the Judicial and non-judicial Forums in which Kerala Water Authority is a Party so as to protect the interest of Kerala Water Authority and to minimise the losses to the Authority.

shall especially follow up all Civil and Criminal cases including LAR cases, RR cases, Scheme/Project cases, Arbitration cases, Contempt of Court cases, Appeal cases, Special Leave Petitions to ensure timely necessary action.

shall scrutinise the legal aspects of Statement of Facts (SOF) and shall ensure that the SOF is prepared accurately without delay. on receipt of the same, which was prepared and examined by the officers concerned from the Administrative point of view.

shall be bound to give advice on all legal matters entrusted with or referred to from the Officers of KWA.

shall assist the Kerala Water Authority in implementing laws applicable to its operations, to solve legal problems and foster decision-making, etc.

shall assist in preparing draft proposals by amending laws applicable to Kerala Water Authority and to interact with Government.

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