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GIS-based Optimal Sites Selection for a Sewage Treatment Plant
GIS-based Optimal Sites Selection for a Sewage Treatment Plant



Conventional method of site selection of Sewage Treatment Plant in the planning stage involves collection of topographical, environmental, economic & sociopolitical data and its analysis, which is time consuming, laborious, and expensive.


Geographic Information System (GIS) coupled with Remote Sensing Technologies (RS) can be effectively used to identify appropriate locations of Sewage Treatment Plants with acceptable accuracy in the planning stage.


  • Fast – Takes only 6% of time when compared to traditional method.
  • Less laborious – Needs only 2% of personnel when compared to normal method.
  • Inexpensive – Incurs only 6% cost when compared to conventional method.
  • Analysis Based on Latest Data – Uses latest data available in open-source platform.
  • Alternative Sites – Most appropriate site can be selected by exploring alternative sites.
  • Better & Faster Decision Making.


Even though field validation is a must, GIS based STP site selection is an innovative tool in the arsenal of planners for creating better sustainable development solutions.

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