Water Connection Alteration
Inside Installation

Inside installations means all the pipes, specials, valves, cocks, taps, other fittings and appurtenances laid beyond the water meter within the customers premises and shall include the service pipe and water connections also. Inside installations shall be laid only with prior sanction in accordance with the plan and specifications approved by the Assistant Executive Engineer. No connection shall be established between any water supply main and the inside installations except through the authority, and only after the inside installations have been accepted by the Assistant Executive Engineer. Application form No .VII

Extension, Alteration and Repairs

Alteration, extension shall be made to the existing installations only after obtaining sanction from the concerned Assistant Executive Engineer and in accordance with the sanctioned plan and specifications. The work has to be arranged through a licensed plumber. The prior sanction of the Assistant Executive Engineer is required in case of repairs carried out from the ferrule to meter point in other words Service Line(Ferrule to Meter Point). Repairs to be done by party at their own cost but with proper sanction and knowledge, and under departmental supervision. KWA may also arrange repair, but at the cost of the customer.

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