Services Related to Water Meter
Meter Replacement

The consumer shall repair or replace the defective water meter within 30 days, with the concurrence of KWA, on receipt of notice, at his cost. In case of default, a surcharge at the rate of 25% on the monthly water charges for the first month after the expiry of the notice period, 50% for the next two months and 100% beyond that period shall be levied. In case of continued default, the Assistant Executive Engineer shall have the power to disconnect the water supply to the premises without further notice.

Meter Stolen

Inform Water Authority and a complaint has to be registered in local Police Station. Get the FIR from the Police station and contact section office for further action. A request has to be given to concerned AE along with the above FIR for restoration of water connection. Based on the inspection report of AE, the AEE orders to restore the connection after collecting the restoration charges. Consumer has to provide the new meter.

Damage of Water Meter

The responsibility of the safe custody and sound condition of the water meter is vested with the consumer. If the water meter is seen damaged, the Assistant Engineer must be informed in writing and the consumer has to produce a sound meter tested by the KWA and has to remit the meter replacement charge.

Meter Testing

If you feel that your meter is not registering the correct consumption you can get the meter tested for its accuracy from the Authority after remitting the required fee. (Form RA3). If on testing, it is found that there is a variation of plus or minus 10% or more the last meter reading will be corrected accordingly and billed.

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