Goals & Plan


A. Dynamic Data Integration

Integration of dynamic data available in institution with the available spatial data.

  • 100% geocoded institutional data 
  • Representation of Institutional data over Web-GIS platform.

B. Field Inventory & Operations Solution

Collect available data from varied sources, generate new databases, organize in standardized GIS format and provide scalable web-enabled information system.

  • 100% Pipeline digitization.
  • 100% assets digitization.
  • 100% data availability in Web-GIS platform

C. GIS platform for Water Outage Monitoring

Allow staff/public to report on suspected leaks and dispatch fieldworkers to record location and details. It allows public to be informed with an up-to-date view of areas with affected service.

D. Development of Water Quality Dashboard

Water Quality dashboard can be developed from the data collected from testing labs.

  • 100% geotagged water quality data

E. GIS Trainings

To impart training and capacity building activities to find practical solution to diverse challenges in geospatial fields by equipping them to meet organizational needs.


A. Dynamic Data Integration

  • Development of form for data inputs such as tank flow meters, water levels
  • Connecting non spatial data into spatial data to form a dynamic spatial database
  • Adding spatial index to all the database available in the institution
  • Increase productivity in the field by getting to more assets on a daily basis.
  • Know where assets are and how they are performing in real time.

B. Field Inventory & Operations Solution

  • Development of android app for collecting new pipeline & assets data along with basic parameters for future analysis and new presentations.(office details ,material used, type of pipeline, diameter and assets details).
  • Monitoring the data collection and analysis monthly performance of data collection.
  • Development or incorporation of new spatial data to web platform.
  • Development of water utility network data by incorporating customer location and details.
  • Deployment of Iots or SCADA system to collect real time and represent data in GIS platform.

C. Web GIS enabled Information System for Water Outage Monitoring

  • Development of GIS platform for monitoring water leakage.
  • Remotely connecting water leak data from database to web enabled GIS System.
  • Development of customer enumeration data for identify status & location of customers.
  • Capturing exact location of water leak using geolocation services by public/staff.
  • Development of isolation trace to detect area where customers will be out of service.
  • Closed Valve status in pipelines

D. Development of Water Quality Dashboard

  • Adding spatial information of samples.
  • Development of form to collect test result and store in database.
  • Water quality interpolation with available test samples to produce monthly results for the state.
  • Development of Water quality dashboard with interpolation maps.

E. GIS Trainings

  • Training in data collection with newly developed app to collect JJM pipelines and assets.
  • Training sessions in Open Source Software to familiarize GIS and achieve organizational goals.

Kerala’s nodal agency for Drinking Water supply and Sewerage Services

Vellayambalam, Trivandrum
(10am - 05 pm)
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