Water Supply Through Tanker Lorry

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Only for Trivandrum Corporation Area

In addition to piped water supply scheme, the KWA have the facility to supply drinking water through Tanker Lorries at the water works campus, Vellayambalam, Trivandrum and Treatment plant Aruvikkara.  The supply from Water Works Vellayambalam is limited to Departmental Organisations , Corporation, CRPF, Fire Force etc.  Supply from Aruvikkara is open to Public and Private Institutions.  Those who wish to collect drinking water through Tanker Lorries which is exclusively for domestic purpose can fill the Tanker Lorries from Aruvikkara filling point remitting the prescribed fee and after collecting Coupen from Water Supply Sub Division, Aruvikkara.  Conveyance to be arranged by the party.

Under PH Division, Trivandrum, KWA has 2 Departmental Tanker s 12,000 and 5000 Capacity and supply is daily made to area where drinking water scarcity is experiencing.  In the event of major Break downs, KWA is arranging supply through Tanker Lorries from Vellayambalam & Aruvikkara Treatment Plant sites.This system is prevailing in certain other Districts like Ernakulam.

Kerala’s nodal agency for Drinking Water supply and Sewerage Services

Vellayambalam, Trivandrum
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