Desalination in Kerala Water Authority

For providing drinking water in the coastal regions facing water shortage and for having a backup system for providing potable water at times of crisis arising out of natural calamities, Kerala Water Authority is planning to produce drinking water from saline/sea water. Kerala Water Authority has partnered with the Fisheries Department and the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) to establish a DS plant in the state’s nine coastal districts. A desalination plant of capacity 1 MLD is proposed near Munambam Harbour in Kochi as a pilot study. It is suggested to employ the most modern technology that is ecologically friendly and uses renewable energy, while also taking into account the panchayats’ drinking water demands, which are now provided by a source that is more than 30 kilometers away.

Photo showing proposed site for pilot Desalination plant at Munambam Kochi

Kerala’s nodal agency for Drinking Water supply and Sewerage Services

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